New Release: Crashing Down by Idle Tongues

Idle Tongues  Cornwall-based, female fronted Hard Rock band, taking inspiration from the likes of Halestorm, Alter Bridge and Biffy Clyro. drop debut single CRASHING DOWN Out 25th August 2023

Images: @lucysianphotography

Brand-new hard rock band IDLE TONGUES have just dropped their debut single Crashing Down. A song filled to the brim with emotion and power, Crashing Down introduces the world to the unmistakable sound of IDLE TONGUES.
A fusion of hard rock from across the last two decades. From the soft, delicate introduction all the way to the gut-wrenching anger of the finale, the song takes you on a musical journey through the struggles and emotions of trying to fix a relationship with another that may just be too far gone. Natalie’s vocal delivery on lines like “Cannot stop feeling so God damn insecure” feel so full of pain and heartache, yet these feelings grow into the screams of anger when the chorus rolls in.

The instrumentation in this track gives it its size and scale. The thick walls of guitars, the stadium filling drums and pounding bass create a soundscape that allows the strings and vocals to soar into the sky. The massive choruses are contrasted with quieter more intimate sections where the finer details of the track can take center stage. The song is a big, long crescendo that ends in a massive frenzy with an unhinged sounding guitar solo, a Biffy Clyro style outro that makes you want to lose control.

The track was self-produced by the band and takes a lot of inspiration from the giants of modern rock. Idle Tongues worked with Brad Blackwood (Mastering engineer for Alter Bridge, Mammoth WVH and Tremonti) to make Crashing down feel like an anthem fitting for an arena full of screaming rock fans.
Idle Tongues have come out swinging with this song, showing great musicianship and emotive song writing that sets them up for an exciting future ahead.