ASBO Live: Conqueer 2023 Fashion Event

Film by by @martyonfuji

With the recent rise in aggression of the public perception of the trans identity, we wanted to provide a safer-space, for and by queer people, to reclaim alternativity from a punitive and capitalised artistic industry. While decentralising underground aesthetics, so inseparable from the LGBTQ+ community’s identity, from the exclusivity of London’s monopoly over queer UK culture. On May 19th, 2023, we facilitated the exposure to sustainable and safer practice for over 80 volunteer designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists, photographers, and backstage assistants.’ – Blondie, Daniel, Beau, and K-Rush

Featured Designers: @emptybrains_ @angel_bra1ns @george.avill @l.m.e_studio @eelanahhh @spikedrag @latexvelma @lauriecousins_art @woerms_ @liviarita