Stef Pesic turns the grind of being unemployed into a bedroom pop track ‘Call Me’

Stef Pesic stands against a greenscreen in a plastic suit like a late night infomercial. He’s being dramatic and sarcastic against the background of his more surly business suited self. The look is cheap however it feels more honest and that cheaper visuals are not mirrored in the music, which is an upbeat dance around the bedroom banger.

The power chords of the guitar in the chorus followed by the more laid back verse, with the production making it upbeat. It’s a voice which is in vogue at the moment, dejected and crestfallen even over the loud and punchy guitar of the chorus. Those guitars are powerful, leading the track effortlessly between cheeky lo-fi and the more rock elements of the track.

His infomercial self is selling himself, an animated version of the more demure self that sits behind a desk. The hand decays slowly, as it comes back again turning into clay with every trip and every repetition, losing some humanity.

 Stef is asking for a conversation, asking his audience to give him a chance. The smiling in the face of it all in the face of unemployment is a felling that many can relate to, with Stef really capturing it well here.  

The hand decays slowly, as it comes back again and again. With every trip and every repetition, losing some humanity.

The song tackles being unemployed, then asking us to call him. Both seemingly a letter to the record industry and people at bars. Waking up on the docks with a ‘kiss’ like a Sleeping Beauty and Billie Joe Armstrong hybrid. There is wittiness to his words, a wit that is dry enough to merits replays. Call Me highlights that Stef Pesic is extremely talented and even with limited resources is able to produce some catchy pop.

Call me is now out on Spotify. You can follow him through his Instagram @stefpesic.