Japanese Streetwear brand ‘Supplier’ embodies the spirit of Tokyo’s youth-core culture in their Summer22 collection

Shot on location in the vibrant night-time streets of Shibuya, Supplier’s Summer22 campaign celebrates the energy and spirit of Tokyo’s youth-core culture. Summer22 is available outside of the Japanese market for the first time, meaning streetwear fans can now get hols of Supplier’s signature styles and best-sellers. 

Taking inspiration from and re-purposing Americana style, Summer22 combines collegiate varsity knits, 90s switched bandana shorts, baseball jerseys and caps as well as Southern Californian skate inspired tees to pay tribute to US hip-hop culture.

Using reworked logo typography and playful prints, Supplier’s Summer22 represents the cross between Japanese youth fashion and that all Americana style.

Shop now: supplier-tokyo.com