ASBO MEETS: Boy In Space

Robin Lundbäck launched his solo career as Boy In Space in 2018 after a successful run with Swedish boy band JTR. He has collaborated with a legion of artists including powerhouses like Alan WalkerNOTD and The Struts, and his newfound persona has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with half a billion streams

1. For someone that is yet to discover Boy In Space, how would you describe your music? 

I would describe my music as emotionally pulling, melody driven pop.

2. What inspired you as an artist?

I would say songs and songwriters have inspired me, I tend to love artist that are songwriters themselves. 

3. What is your process for preparing to perform live? Do you have any Diva demands?

I tend to get stressed before so I try to be thankful and positive, and I need water! I guess that’s a given.

4. Where do you feel you fit into the music landscape?

I have no idea, hopefully somewhere in the pop landscape there’s room for me and my songs. 

5: What are your favourite musical genres, and are there any you dislike?             

I would say it’s generally pop music, but pop is also so wide of a genre. From Simon & Garfunkel to Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

6. Where did the name come from?

The name was inspired by the song title “Starboy” and I thought it matches my want and need to create in my own space. 

7. What would you say is your greatest strength as an Artist?

I would say my expression with my voice, and also my songwriting. I think you can hear my imprint in the music I release and I think people appreciate that.

8. What would you say is your greatest weakness as an Artist?

Probably the limits I put on myself, and my own brain. 


9. What can fans expect from your new EP ‘COPIUM’ .

A strong pop EP that can hopefully help you cope with life

10. What music artist would you say have influenced your work?

Post Malone, Jon Bellion, the 1975 and Joni Mitchell… But there are many more! 

11. Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

Would love to collaborate with Kacey Musgraves and Holly Humberstone!

12. What was your worst performance?

Once I performed in a club in Asia at around midnight with a crazy fever. I managed to pull through but it was like a nightmare having to pretend to be energized when you’re totally drained.

13: What was the most difficult obstacle you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

I would say the last few years struggling both physically and mentally. The way for me to overcome it was to exclude the things in my life that would burry me. I had to choose to carry the burden of life instead of hiding from it. Still working in this. 

14: What is your creative process when making music. Do you work with others or is there just you?

I usually start of with playing guitar or piano to build melody structures, and while doing that I’ll mumble a few words on the melody to se if any words come naturally to me. From there I try to build a story and motive based on the feeling I get when listening to the melodies and key words. 

I love to work with other people, and it helps to get out of your own patterns. 

15 Where do you see your musical career in 10 years?

I honestly have no idea… would love to have a farm with a huge studio where I can write songs and also have farm animals.