Soul-Songstress Joya Mooi Reveals Latest Single Entitled ‘My Favourite’

Photo Credit: Marina Coenen

Based in Amsterdam, Dutch-South African artist Joya Mooi has been slowly building her name within the city’s ever-expanding soul and R&B scene over the past few years thanks to her various high-quality releases and captivating vocals. Fresh off the success of her previous single ‘Remember’ and her well-received ‘Blossom Carefully’ EP which was released last year. Joya has now revealed her latest single entitled ‘My Favourite’, a dance floor-ready summer banger.

Produced by Sim Fane and SIROJ, the track is driven by an electronic-tinged instrumental with jazzy notes throughout. These fuse with the deep bass which creates a bouncy, upbeat and feel-good soundscape. Vocally, Joya Mooi provides a lush vocal performance, her voice rides the smooth instrumental perfectly whilst complimenting its electronic bounce formulating a polished overall sound, as she sings passionately about the importance of friendship.

The accompanying video represents the positive, upbeat feel of the track perfectly, Joya is joined by her close friends and members of her band as they dance together throughout the video, laughing and having fun, the stripped back nature of the video helps to accentuate the tracks low-key feel.

On the track and its video, Joya has said ’My Favourite’ is an ode to loving friendships, a song for the ones who are always there and show up in many ways; day or night. I wanted to create a playful track that captures the spirit of my community and celebrates my closest friends. Especially during these times, meaningful friendships are so essential when things get rough. Can’t thank them enough, for the love and joy they bring. And it was so fun to invite my friends and my band mates for the video we created for My Favourite’.

Soulful, engaging and confident, ‘My Favourite’ is a perfect encapsulation of what makes Joya Mooi’s music so mesmerizing and attention-grabbing

Words: David Pratt