BXKS Shares Visuals For Latest Single Entitled ‘This Don’t Boom’

Photo Credit: Prexa

Hailing from Northampton via Luton, BXKS is one of the most hotly anticipated new artists coming out of the UK. Growing up in Luton in an artistic family of Jamaican heritage, music has always been a big part of her life, having been exposed to an eclectic mix of sounds from a young age.

With her dad being a bass guitarist in their local church, and her mum having a massive record collection that she regularly listened to, music was always on BXKS mind whilst growing up.

She has now revealed her latest track ‘This Don’t Boom’ from her debut mixtape. ‘Full-Time Daydreamer’. The track is carried by a bass-heavy trap-influenced instrumental with an addictive bounce and a grime flair, BXKS’s rapping on the track, compliments the instrumental perfectly, her rap flows fuse with the bass and drums of the instrumental creating an attention-grabbing, entertaining sound.

The chorus of the track is extremely catchy and makes the song have a very addictive sound, which will definitely have you coming back for more.

‘This Don’t Boom’ is taken from BXKS’s debut mixtape ‘Full-Time Daydreamer’, which saw the charismatic newcomer deliver a polished and unique eight-track offering crafted mainly with producers TK and P-rallel.

The accompanying visuals, directed by Joel Mathieu, perfectly fit the energy of the track and show off BXKS’s charisma. There are various shots such as close-ups, extreme close-ups and wide-angle shots which help keep the video engaging. The aesthetic of the video is very punk-inspired with lots of newspaper cuttings, old TVs and lots of old school VHS style visual effects.


Discussing the visual, BXKS has said “The song is self explanatory “This don’t boom! It bangs”. It’s a very energetic song. Throughout the video I play a character inside of a television screen moving to different hypnotic fun filled sceneries.”

BXKS never thought her being a musician was possible until a freestyle of hers went viral,  This freestyle was co-signed by Skepta which led her to receive lots of praise. This was overwhelming for BXKS as she felt like her music was being forced down one way sonically, so she took some time out to hone her sound. This polished, refined sound is on full display on ‘This Don’t Boom’.

Captivating, energetic and with instant appeal, ‘This Don’t Boom’ perfectly represents BXKS’S unique and charismatic personality and sound.

Words: David Pratt