‘You’re Not Going Out Dressed Like That’

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Freddie Smith

Freddie Smith X Rizzy

Who is RIZZY?

Rizzy is a feeling, Rizzy is a drag artist, Rizzy is a bridge between reality and fantasy. A character of extreme silliness and joy. A friend. 

How did your environment influence you growing up? 

Growing up in Essex I turned a blind eye to my feminine energy and created an image of how I thought the world wanted me to be. Dressed in tracksuits and trainers I wasn’t allowing my light to shine. It was in London when I started college at The Brit School that I found people from all walks of life and for the first time Uniqueness was celebrated. I was wearing more colour, I painted my nails for the first time and ultimately that was because I had created a safe environment to do so. 

What started you’re your journey as a drag queen? 

I’ve always admired the opulence of a glamourous woman. From the sound of heels walking down the sidewalk and curves of the body that are hypnotising to the eye. The female form has a power that is often times beyond description. When I dared to embrace these elements of myself I experienced that power and confidence that had always been within me. There was no going back. I dived head first into the art of drag; teaching myself how to sew, style wigs and paint my face from the comfort of my own space. 

Freddie Smith X Rizzy

Why has drag become so prevalent across the world? 

Drag in many ways is a spiritual ritual, it’s a magical transformation that allows you to dance between genders and identity’s. It’s an embodiment of divine feminine energy and power. I believe so many people are resonating with drag at this moment because we are waking up to a greater truth that nobody has to be one thing. We can experience ourselves in infinite amount of ways and the same power that’s available to me in drag, is available to everybody at all times and people are attracted to this energy. 

What motivates your drag? 

Every time I play with new fabric or prance around in a new wig I’m discovering different parts of myself and that excites me. On Monday I can be a curly haired clown and on Tuesday I can be a mistress of evil, the possibilities are endless. I also love having full creative control and with my drag I get to paint my own face , sew my own costumes and pick what songs to sing. It’s an absolute dream. 

Outside of your drag what other projects are you working on? 

Outside of drag I love to explore all different parts of the creative industry, I sell my hand made clothes online which you can find on Instagram @Rizzy.23 and I preform and hold workshops at queer wellbeing festivals in reading such as Soul Pride and Wonderment as well as clubs/bars in and around London. For any bookings please contact me rizzybookings@gmail.com.

Freddie Smith X Rizzy
Freddie Smith X Rizzy
Freddie Smith X Rizzy

Words: Freddie Smith

Images: Harry Adams