LA-based headphone giant Ausounds has launched a ground-breaking campaign urging consumers to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of going with the crowd, the campaign suggests that users have another option and do not need to be “sheep following the herd.” Ausounds hopes that the messaging will bring in more early-adopters, as well as those looking to try something new.

The Be Different campaign, which daringly suggests Apple has a sheep-like following among consumers, is designed to inspire music and tech enthusiasts to break the mould and aims to empower people around the world to ‘Be Different’.  

The bold advertising strategy will help to build on Ausounds’ ever-growing presence in the UK after launching late last year, as well as reminding consumers Apple isn’t the only option in premium headphone tech.        

Ausounds products have been created specifically for music lovers and producers and designed by a team of industry experts.

As part of the launch, Ausounds has teamed up with Smokepurpp, an influential American rapper, producer and songwriter who channels uniqueness into his music and style.

The campaign features a stylish video starring Smokepurpp alongside Yung Raf and showcases Ausounds headphones. The addition of Smokepurpp to the Ausounds ambassadors adds to the stand-out messaging of not only the campaign, but also the overall brand identity.