Class Of 2020: Laoise Hamilton

Name: Laoise Hamilton.                                                                                                                                                                                 Age: 24.                                                                                                                                                                                                      University: Sheffield Hallam University.                                                                                                                                                Course: BA (Hons) Fashion Design .                                                                                                                                               Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words? Expressive, luxury, contemporary

Interview By Sophie Roberts

What message or story do your designs portray?                                                                                                                                   They portray that it is okay to wear what you please, my concept wa…

Whatmessage or story do your designs portray?

Theyportray that it is okay to wear what you please, my concept was built aroundhomelessness and honouring a person’s ‘make do’ look that is created withassorted garments. Therefore, wear what makes you happy and comfortable, butalso take some initiative from someone who is without a home by getting themost out of garments.


Whatis one career aspiration that you’d most like to achieve?

 I aspire to start my own brand inthe fashion industry and for it to make a positive environmental impact in thefuture. I would love to promote sustainable morals, to make people realise thata sustainable selection of fabrics and sustainable way of manufacturing is inno way ugly!


Whatdo you think is the biggest issue facing the fashion industry today?   

I think thelack of sustainability is a problem! However, brands in the limelight seem tobe becoming more aware of their actions that affect the environment, such asGucci going season-less. Hopefully this will trickle down to most brands! Fastfashion brands are very popular amongst the younger generation, as they areeasily influenced in following the latest trends in a cheap way. The youngergeneration should be educated more on the impact that fast fashion brands haveon the environment, as clothing sites are easily accessible to anyone with asmartphone. Fast fashion brands are advertised on social media all day andevery day for anyone to see along with discount codes. The consumer is led tobelieve that they are in need of 6 items that won’t create much of a hole intheir pocket, possibly to only be worn once. Why not buy one item of betterquality once every 3 months from an independent business who promotesustainable values? It ties in with overconsumption as we as a society have somuch choice in terms of consuming fashion goods, too much choice in fact! Fastfashion brands should start educating themselves on sustainability and in turnregular consumers will hopefully become more conscious.


Howdo you think the pandemic is going to change the way we consume fashion?                                                 

 I think it will change itdramatically! I would like to think in a positive way, in terms ofsustainability and consumers becoming more aware of the ethical aspects oftheir shopping experiences.                                      

However, there is no doubt that shoppingonline has been the dominant shopping experience during the pandemic, and thiswill probably continue for some time! Online shopping has been on the rise fora while, but even more so now. This will have an impact on shops and theeconomy, it’s already apparent that some shops within chains are having toclose down for good. I also think that fashion brands have had a lot of time toreflect on their practices and morals, this will have a positive impact on thefashion industry and hopefully it will bring about some change to elements suchas the supply chain. The issues are with: worker exploitation involving lowwages, unpaid overtime, bad working conditions and toxic chemical use.


Howis your concept design going to translate to something people can wear ineveryday life?                                 

Because ofcomfort, the jumper dress is very warm especially with the hood draping overthe head. This can also be styled as a shawl if it is pulled downwards over theshoulders. I think consumers prefer items that can be styled in different waysto create a different look out of the same garment.


Whathas been your biggest inspiration to create fashion?           

If I’mbeing totally honest my time at university always inspired me to do better andfrom there the love for fashion blossomed as I really saw it in a differentlight. Thanks to my tutors, technicians and friends there was always room toimprove! I also love reading books and watching documentaries, based on howhigh-end designers have manifested their own fashion world. If you really putyour mind to it, nothing is impossible. Watching other people being creativeinspires me as there is always something new to see, and that’s what is goodbut also challenging about designing, you can never quite be finished!


Wheredo you see yourself in 5 years’ time?                       

Ithoroughly enjoyed my placement year in London working in the fashion industry,now that I’ve had my foot in the door, in 5 years’ time I’d like to be seen assomeone with deep expertise and knowledge within the industry. ‘Love what youdo and you’ll never work a day in your life’ is the goal! I would like to havesome sufficient experience under my belt by this time, and perhaps in the firststages of creating own brand.