Meet Jamie Norton

Images by Alfie Jack Anniss

Rose Tinted Vision The New EP is Out Today

Jamie alongside his band, are a collective of Southampton based musicians working together to bring to life Jamie’s ‘Rose Tinted Vision.’ With support from BBC Music Introducing on his debut single, and continued support from Voice FM and other local stations, they are packaging their studio work into an original live set. Having taken inspiration from artists like The 1975The KooksJohn Mayer & Ed Sheeran, Jamie’s work covers good ground. If you love indie bands, artisanal pop, singer songwriters and guitar music, this is not an artist you want to sleep on!

1. For someone that is yet to discover Jamie Norton in 5 words how would you describe yourself.

Earnest, Infectious, Honest, Earworm, Energetic 

2. What inspired you as an artist?

I’ve always been fascinated by songwriters ever since I was young. I think one of the most significant moments that springs to mind, was seeing The Kooks in 2005. My dad took me to see them, I was about 6 years too young to get in, and I fondly remember the security staff at the door giving me some bright yellow ear plugs on my way in. Ever since then, I’ve been set on a career in music as an artist.

3. What is your process for preparing to perform live? Do you have any Diva demands?

I’m a sucker for a lime Whiteclaw and a cigarette, I think thats the closest thing to a pre-show ritual that I have at the moment. 

4. Where do you feel you fit into the music landscape?

As a singer/songwriter, I feel as though I fit both in an acoustic solo setting and a more upbeat indie pop environment. However, alongside my band, I’d lean much more into saying we’re a more contemporary indie pop band.

5: What are your favourite musical genres, and are there any you dislike?                                                                                    

I have a huge soft spot for british indie pop. Although I’ve been really enjoying shoegaze, midwest emo and some hyperpop recently. My taste in music is quite obscure and eclectic, I’d say I’m much more inclined to enjoy a high quality recording, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that there are any entire genres that I dislike.

6. What’s currently in the pipeline for 2024?

After the EP launch at the end of February, we’re diving head first into filling our calendar, and playing as many shows as possible in the run up to festival season. Other than that, we’re also looking into substantially increasing our online presence with much more video based content!

Jamie & Tiago

Will & George

7 What would you say is your greatest strength as an Artist?

As an Artist, I’d say my greatest strength would be either be my lyricism. There isn’t much lyrically that makes a record of mine that hasn’t been meticulously chosen for a specific purpose or reason.

8. What would you say is your greatest weakness as an Artist?

At the moment, I’d say my greatest weakness would probably be that there’s still so much for me to learn in terms of music production. But in time, I’m sure I’ll only improve!

Jamie (Front), Will (Left), George (Middle), Tiago (Right)

9. What can fans expect from your new debut EP Rose Tinted Vision 

Rose Tinted Vision is an immersive, atmospheric 6 track Indie Pop EP recorded with a full band instrumentation. Covering themes of love, loss, growth and individual progress in a very British Indie Pop style. Rose Tinted Vision is a smoky, rain soaked encapsulation of how it feels to be young, lost and on a hunt for purpose in the age of the internet.

10. What music artist would you say have influenced your work?

The list could go on forever! But most notably, bands like The Kooks and The 1975 alongside singer/songwriters like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran

11. Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

I guess at the moment, I’m most interested in collaborating with other artists early in their career. There’s something about working with new artists that’s just a different kind of rewarding for me. 

Outside of new artists, I’d love to work with Jack Antonoff in some capacity in the future. The production and songwriting on his records are exceptional, and I think together we’d make something incredible!

12. What was your worst performance?

My worst performance would have been one of my first shows. I was performing a solo set with a loop station. At this point in time, I’d had never had any personal experience with on-stage technical difficulties. Halfway through a song, the metronome in the looper malfunctioned and began playing an extremely obnoxious alarm sound over the top of my entire loop. Fortunately it wasn’t the last song of the night, and I had the opportunity to save the set!

13: What was the most difficult obstacle you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

In regards music, the biggest hurdle I’ve encountered was achieving a full and authentic sound on my own. In my younger years, I was a huge fan of Ed Sheeran fan, and this had me set on becoming a solo artist myself. I played solo gigs as a teenager and really enjoyed them. However, this left my recordings feeling much thinner and lacking in the ‘magic’ that a lot of my favourite artists seemed to have at the time. Although my songwriting approach is still generally the same, the input from my band really helps to refine and diversify the tracks that we record and release.

14: What is your creative process when making music. Do you work with others or is there just you?

Generally speaking, I usually bring a demo to a practice session and then alongside the band, we refine it from there until we’re happy enough to take it to a studio and record it properly. That being said, I have worked collaboratively with some other artists and the process is relatively similar, although it usually involves more than one person’s input when making the original demo.

15 Where do you see your musical career in 10 years?

By then, I’d love to be living the dream! Selling out tours, working with some of the best names in the industry and most importantly, having the most fun that I can with the mates that helped make all of this happen!