LFW: ZIMOWE: Catwalk

Images: © Maja Smiejkowska/ Chris Yates Media

This capsule collection is named “Athena’s Birth and Rebirth”. The background is set in the age of the gods of ancient Greece – the story is split into two parts. The first part narrates how Athena is given birth from Zeus’ head; this story aims to break the Patriarchal society and reshape the egalitarian society. Through the design process, the designers use second-hand suit fabrics and designer stock fabrics, which aim to extend the life-span of garments. Wean-wile, vintage menswear, especially from the 40s to 80s, is given a new look using a modern design method. Through the designing and experiment process, each garment is designed to be more functional and wearable to meet customers’ desires in the future.

16th June 2023, London, Zimowe, Fashion Scout China 3 present their catwalk show as part London Fashion Week. © Maja Smiejkowska/ Chris Yates Media