Haviah Mighty Releases Latin-Inspired Latest Track Entitled ‘Flamenco’

Photo Credit: Yung Yemi

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Haviah Mighty has been a staple within Canada’s hip-hop scene for many years now. First rising to prominence in 2016 as a member of the popular all-female hip-hop group The Sorority. Since the split of The Sorority, Haviah has released various solo eps and a debut studio album, collaborating with the likes of Stylo G, of Big Freedia and she even featured on Barack Obama’s Summer Spotify Playlist in 2015.

Following on from the success of her previous single ‘Avocado’, Haviah has revealed her latest track entitled ‘Flamenco’ featuring Mala Rodríguez, a Latin-influenced banger perfect for relaxing summer evenings. Produced by Haviah and her long-time collaborator, Taabu, ‘Flamenco’ transcends the hip-hop sound Haviah is known for, in favour of a more electronic, dance floor-ready sound.

Driven by an attention-grabbing electronic bounce and lush Latin influenced strings, the track has an instrumental which is both mesmerizing and hypnotic. Vocally, Haviah Mighty and Mala Rodríguez both ride the instrumental brilliantly, the vocal melodies fit perfectly within the instrumental arrangements creating a textured sound. The juxtaposition between the English and Spanish language vocals on the track work great and help to add some authenticity to the Latin-influenced sound throughout ‘Flamenco’.

On the track, Haviah has said “With this one, I wanted to try something different! Inspired by the cultural influences behind flamenco, this song allowed me to be a guest in a new genre, Mala Rodríguez really brought this record home – her verse added authenticity, sensuality and pizzazz. She has a great voice and message, and with her Spanish roots, I felt that she spoke to the energy of the song more directly than I ever could. It’s a feel-good song, with the intention of resonating on a dancefloor, with the bass pulsing as heavily as the sweat on one’s brow as they hit their moves. This song is quite literally a vibe!”

Along with including ‘Flamenco’, Haviah’s upcoming mixtape ‘Stock Exchange’ will also feature the tracks ‘Protest’ with UK Grime MC Yizzy, ‘Way Too Fast’ with US artist Jalen Santoy, and ‘Good on My Own Tonight’ with Toronto artist TOBI.

Haviah is a versatile artist and someone who can work within various sonics and themes. This year her song ‘Thirteen’ won the 2021 Prism Prize, a national award that recognizes the artistic merit of Canadian music. The track referenced the Thirteenth Amendment and exposed the roots of systemic racism, debuting on Canada Day last year.

Polished, stylish and endlessly listenable Flamenco’ is a perfect representation of Haviah Mighty’s versatility and musical prowess.

Words: David Pratt