World Teen Mental Wellness Day 2021: Hollister Partners with UK charity ‘The Mix’


In celebration of World Teen Mental Wellness Day, Hollister, the global teen lifestyle brand, has partnered with The Mix, a UK charity dedicated to providing essential support to under 25’s. The partnership sees the launch of exclusive World Teen Mental Wellness Day products, with 100% of net profits benefiting The Mix.

World Teen Mental Wellness Day was founded in 2020 by Hollister to recognise and celebrate its commitment to ensuring that teens feel more confident, comfortable and capable. Now an annual event taking place on March 2nd, World Teen Mental Wellness Day aims to normalise conversations and dismantle stigmas around teen mental health issues.

Together, Hollister and The Mix are encouraging teens to use 2nd March as an opportunity to practice self-care, be kind to themselves and remember that, while social media might portray a different story, it’s okay to not be okay. 

The exclusive printed fleece hoodie is launching tomorrow with £20.05 donated to The Mix charity. The tote bag will be available from Saturday 6th March, with £4.82 donated.

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