TechXLR8 Event at the Excel

                    TechXLR8show at the Excel which was on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June 2017 has been a great success  for anotheryearshow casing some of the biggest names in Tech with new start-up companies also getting a chance to show what is new in Tech innovation.

                     They had over 300+ exhibitors and 8 live Demo zones on the show floor and the London Tech week showheadliners at the centre stage representing so of the leading minds in Tech.

                     On the day that I went to the show you had the 5G world which is developing the new 5G for all our smart phones and pads which will be coming out very soon and you had companies that where there to show you new apps called app world evolution to even new cloud and DevOps and of course you can’t go to any Tech show without the cars connected cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe and what fantastic cars they had too from new self- drive to electric and the best of all the Williams concept sports car.

                      But the best thing I ever tried was the VR & AR World and it was amazing I was put inside this VR world and into this helicopter and gave aid to people and then rescued and injured man and then i was put into a plane and watched it land and the best one was when I was by the glider and was stood on top of the world and could see everything.

                      The TechXLR8 is a great event to see and listen to some of the speakers and see lots of new inventions and robotics.



Article by Andrew Cronk