Violet, Castle and Falcon, June 2018

Of all the people I’ve asked since I first heard their last single ‘Feel’ in April, precisely one person said they’d heard of Violet. That’s going to change quickly if this gig is anything to go by. A support slot consisting of just five songs, a couple of which are still untitled, it’s all they needed to showcase their talents, which are considerable.

The big takeaways: attitude and self possession. For such young men they have a real sense of who they are as a band. I spoke to lead singer Luke afterwards and asked how they got such a great promo for ‘Feel’ together. The ideas were the bands and it was directed by a friend for about 300 quid.

This band is so small at the moment that I struggled to find anyone who wasn’t friends or family. The first people I spoke to about the band turned out to be Luke’s Mom and Stepdad, the man next to me at the gig was Luke’s dad and the entire garden at The Castle and Falcon was full of friends and the band themselves. Do yourself a favour and see them early; they could easily be huge within six months.


james may