Fresh from playing days of sold out shows at London's Olympic Park Stadium, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have released their new album and have done so in the only way they know how; by dropping it unannounced.

Okay, technically it was announced, but it was a surprise. The London crowd who witnessed it live were also given a sneak peek of the visual that accompanies it. What's unsurprising is the album is exclusive to Tidal and, along with the 9 track album, includes a video to the second track APESHIT plus an exclusive TIDAL track.

Uber-fan that I am, as soon as I found out I was on it. Forget the fact I am still trying to get over that show - which is another story in itself - both you  and I get to digest an entire album. Having sworn off TIDAL since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, I was quick to reactivate my account and plunge headfirst into the gorgeous Everything Is Love.


The 9 Track album I can't even put into words. From the first track to the last they just come with the GOLD. Arguably I would say that the Beyonce to Jay-Z Ratio is more Beyonce and Jay-Z however both have their time to shine. Addressing various rumours that have swerved around the couple including some of the previously addressed topics that appeared in Lemonade and 4:44 brings the conclusion to that whole storyline of infidelity and cheating and now bringing that what is for the moment a happy ending.

The tracks are PURE FIRE everything about that. Having literally gone in and delved into the tracks as well as looking to see the reactions and responses to how everybody is dealing with this. I am still trying to comprehend and form my thoughts and opinion on this album.

WHAT I can tell you is that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are THE MOST POWERFUL COUPLE IN THE GAME AND POSSIBLY EVER. I don't believe anybody else could really pull this off as successfully as they have. Even when you think of artists like Kanye West who has been criticised and has used over the top and outrageous ways of gaining attention to himself just to (some might say) promote an album. His tactics as we have seen take it too far and don't necessarily gain the reception that he wants. 

HOWEVER, on the other side take a couple of Jay-Z and Beyonce not just as a couple but as artists. Both realise that NOW is the time and they have planned this moment meticulously. From the release of Lemonade in 2015 to Jay-Z's response 4:44 last year. Both went out promoting their own individual projects not saying or addressing much of the content that was revealed in their albums. 

Of course the fans new and everybody knew. Jay-Z even addressed the fact that he cheated on Beyoncé in multiple interviews. And whilst that got him cancelled from much if not all of the Bey Hive. He and Beyonce managed to work out their issues. Announcing early this year that they would be going on their second joint tour On The Run II.

Which brings us to where we are now. The second of the London shows. Whilst fans may have been expecting new music from Beyonce before the tour they came through with much of their bangers and hits from their previously released material. And so here we are June 16th and just before heading off stage like they did the night before they made an announcement to the crowd that they would be releasing a new project and went to share visuals of their track APESHIT.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 01.41.15.png

If you were at the show then you know that THESE TWO DO NOT COME TO PLAY! everything about the show was 10/10 with the visuals to the band to the production to the lighting to the staging and of course we all know how much Beyonce takes her creativity seriously always bringing her fans A PERFORMANCE AND THEN SOME. From gracing the stage of Coachella earlier this year we knew that we were in for something.



The release of the album is perfectly timed as they continue to embark on the rest of the On The Run II. No doubt this has certainly left fans that have been begging for a new album more than delighted. The 9 track album which acts a perfect conclusion to this previously tricky time in the couple's relationship also shows that together JAY-Z AND BEYONCE ARE STILL A FORCE

The album is out exclusively on Tidal and you can check it out and stream all the songs here. You can also check out the video for APESHIT below.


james may