Lieza releases new single 'Arcade Lover'

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There are people that you know,  people that you dont know and people that you dont know you know, but you know and one of those people is songwriter turned artist LIEZA. Having been a songwriter based in Nashville for sometime now LIEZA is switching up her game and becoming an artist in her own right.

After releasing her first single as an artist last year, LIEZA  has already stepped into the game with some success as an artist. Her debut single Eyeliner was met with success having being featured on R3HAB’s Night Playlist. That along with her other track “Don’t Make Me Dance”made it on to New Music Friday in The Netherlands. And most recently her single “Hate Me” garnered the attention of playlist creators from Spotify across the globe and was featured on 9 New Music Friday playlists and scored a spot on the popular German playlist Pop Brandneu.

And now she is back with her latest track Arcade Lover. The song itself is quiet catchy and is giving us vibes along the lines of Alliie X and Lorde and was made alongside Grammy award winning writer and producer Femke. The video of the song which you can watch below perfectly captures Lana Del Rey-esque vibes with a washed colour over a carnvial setting.

The essence of the song according to Lieza is about "this crazy all-consuming, yet inevitably fleeting, vibrant young love affair. Those ones that keep you on your toes and play games with your head, while they recklessly hurdle toward a beautifully tragic end".

Also speaking on the song she says "Arcade Lover is a really fun one for me. I feel like I’m taking things in a lighter direction this time around and this bittersweet yet playful story was one of the first things I wrote in that new upbeat vein. It was inspired by a painting that I found of what looked like Santa Monica back in the 80s. Lots of neons and old cars and a couple that just felt like they wanted to be frozen in time."

You can listen to the track here and also check her out on social media


Words: Seneo Mwamba