ASBO Meets Dancing On Tables

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Dancing On Tables are a five-piece indie-pop band hailing from a small town right outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. Formed in their last year of school, Robbie, Callum, Hamish, Gregor and Michael make up the band that has been dubbed as 'The New Coldplay'. Fresh of the release of their new single 'Twenty' ASBO spoke with Robbie one of the two lead singers of the band to find out more about who the band are, and chat all things music.

ASBO: How did you get started in music as a band?

Robbie: We all went to school together and towards the end of school we just started playing together just like after school and whenever we were supposed to be in class, and then we realised that we actually enjoyed it and so we started taking it more seriously and it just went from there. There wasn't really one moment when we became a band it just us started as us hanging out and it escalated from there.

ASBO: As a band how would you describe your sound?

Robbie: I would say our sound is alternative pop or indie pop. In our music there tends to be a common theme that is in all of our tracks, its not really specific. We keep a common theme but we try to keep the sound open so that it links together but each song is different. We don’t have one set structure of songs that go and make. 

ASBO: Who or what inspires your creativity?

Robbie: For me I feel like we get inspired by people like The Libertines and The Beatles. We’ve got two singers in the band myself and Calum so all of our songs have two main vocals. And so listening to a lot of other bands who work like that and seeing how they make that work really helps us. In terms of being able to see how other bands have done it. 

ASBO: How are you as a band able to work together and make music?

Robbie: It depends. It used to be be that one person would come up with the idea and then we’d all work on separate parts but recently we’ve started going on trips away for example our last song 'Middle' we wrote in a tiny cottages on the shores of  Scotland. We went down had no signal, no phones and we just went into the studio and stayed there for a few days and we were all just chipping bits of ideas and worked on that.


ASBO: What is your favourite thing about being in a band?

Robbie: For me I'd say seeing new places and meeting new people, we’ve been able to play many festivals and been to many places that I’ve never been to in my life but just being able to play music to people that we have never met before.

ASBO: Who is one artist that you would like to work with?

Robbie: I’d say Jack White, he’s always been my number one person I’d love to work with  and he has collaborated with so many big names so he would be a dream.

ASBO: You'e just finished playing your first UK tour. What sort of atmosphere and vibe do you like to set for your live shows?

Robbie: We always go in and want people to want to enjoy themselves, so like high energy. A lot of our songs are easy to dance to, we are not looking to play for one particular age group and our audience tends to be spread out. The most important thing for us that people are able to have a good time when they come to our shows. 

ASBO: What can we expect next from you?

Robbie: We are heading over to Nashville and and will be doing some things there and playing a couple of shows in May. We are also planning on putting new music out we’ve recorded a few singles we are sitting on and so we just want to get them out there and keep the momentum going. We just released our single 'Twenty' and the video as well and our EP is coming out in May so we are very excited about that. 

You can catch Dancing On Tables playing The Great Escape Festival this summer. Their new single 'Twenty' is out now and can you can stream on Spotify here. Follow the band on social media @Dancingontables and check out their website for more information on the band including upcoming shows and their EP release.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

Images: LunnFarrowMedia