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The Fedz

Put together by producer Dennis Bovell and The Roots' member James Poyser, The Fedz are a thirteen-member strong London collective with their own individual inspiration, and style creating a melting pot of ideas and talent.

2017 has already been quite the year for the group having already spent their summer around the festival circuit covering The Great Escape, Lovebox, Bestival, and Glastonbury where the group recorded a live spot for the BBC.

Recently releasing the video for their new single, Urban Tales, the group got together to compile a playlist for ASBO on songs that get them inspired and creating.


Anderson Paak - The Waters (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

Anderson Paak; Probably my favourite new artist of the last two years.The groove alone gets me. Then the iconic Dr Dre style bass line comes in mad disrespectful. (Sounds like Dre but I haven't checked.. but it must be.) Anderson's story telling, flow, and vocals have it sold already,


Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

"Live" music will always come first for me but this was a track that pulled me in to a whole new genre and made me think twice about what live music really meant. 


Hare Squead - Flowers

I like this song and it inspires me cause of the singer i always want to sing but dont have the skill down to a tea the way i want but overall its jus really fun and happy but not cheesy its got a swagger about it plus the boys are from ireland so gotta rep for them.


Cigarettes After Sex - K

I've been stuck in an airport for 12 hours, had no sleep in 2 days. Marrakesh has been a beautiful nightmare and this song is my remedy


William Onyeabor - Good Name

If you haven't heard of him. He was a Nigerian electro funk and afro beat pioneer in the 80s. I think it's incredible how a man could be so mysterious and private yet remains incredibly influential. I was lucky enough to see Atomic Bomb! a supergroup formed in 2014 who came together to play his music (because he never had). The group is led by Music Director Ahmed Gallab and includes David Byrne (of Talking Heads), Money Mark (of the Beastie Boys), Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz), Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion) and Alexis Taylor (of Hotchip).He sadly passed away earlier this year, coincidentally the day after I bought his LP record....That's my track R.I.P Wiliam Onyeabor.


Chaka Khan - A Night in Tunisia

It's a few decades old, but it sounds like it's from the year 3000. The groove makes my face fold like origami and the keyboard solo is the musical equivalent of sweet and sour, with lots of completely different flavors that somehow manage to not clash with each other. This tune is like a masterclass in how to cover a standard and make it better than the original (A night in Tunisia was originally a jazz piece written by Dizzy Gillepsie).


Pink Slip - PCB (feat. Rahn Harper) 

This is my tune of the moment, because of the mixture of genres it has and the summer vibe it brings along. Maaaad! 


Diana King - Shy Guy

One of them songs which have stuck with me since a kid as introduced to me by my elder cousins dancing around the living room. The record has a great unique twist of reggae and soulful rnb which will always be a classic I think.


Amani - Feathers Falling

Listening to the tune makes me feel the pain the singer must went through losing a loved one. LyrIcs and the vocals are heart touching and I can feel the raw emotion coming from the artist. This inspired me into opening my ears to other kinds of music which can be really moody and dark too.


ADP - No Good For Me

Just everything I love about current music - Smooth RnB, trap-soul tones with an electronic-dance element. I'm also addicted to melancholic love songs, so this a dream. 


Nas - World Is Yours

It's a song which empowers me and helps me conquer the day.


Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop

The perfect hybrid between a great pop song whilst retaining the ultimate cool vibe. Few songs ever do that.  


Stevie Wonder - Superstition

Opening drum beat, need I say anymore? 

Listen to the group's selection, including their new single below.

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Joao Vasconcelos