Watch: Zolita - Fight Like A Girl



Zolita’s 2015 debut EP, Immaculate Conception, both lyrically and visually captured one of the many faces of the modern female voice. The video for 'Holy' was the cautionary Handmaiden’s Tale brought to life, before it became a TV hit show earlier this year. Writing in the YouTube description of 'Holy', Zolita writes, “A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult,” and just over a year later, 'Fight Like A Girl' picks up where Zolita left off.

The video for 'Fight' opens with iconography that saw 'Holy' end, instantly linking the two singles, but that’s where the similarities end. Now that the singer has created her cult following, with women of different ages, races, and religions unified in their red uniform, the tone in Zolita's lyricism has changed. In 2017’s year of Trump, 'Fight Like A Girl' is more a battle cry for women’s rights, than a statement on political climate. “My body, my choice, my right to my voice” acts like a battle chant and is one that many faux-feminists in the pop world could learn from.

Watch the video for Zolita’s 'Fight Like A Girl' below, and download the single on iTunes now.

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Joao Vasconcelos