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  (Left to right - Sim (drums), Simone P (lead vocals/guitar), Myself (Emelia Ogoe), Becky (lead vocals / guitar), Ruby (bass)

(Left to right - Sim (drums), Simone P (lead vocals/guitar), Myself (Emelia Ogoe), Becky (lead vocals / guitar), Ruby (bass)

I assume you came here for the full talk with The Nyx from our physical issue. If you didn't, and you've just stumbled upon this, then you should check out our Graduate Special Issue, flip over to Tagged Music, and have a look at their power photoshoot with us.

I met with this amazing all female four-piece, and styled them in a collection by Faith Balogun (Graduate fashion designer from University of East London) which they looked on point in, and gave their all into the shoot despite it being a cold evening.

ASBO: How did you guys meet? What's the story?

Ruby: Well, Becky and I have been friends since the under-age drinking days, then Simone and Becky met at a party a couple of years later.

Simone P: At the party, I overheard Becky talking about creating an all girl rock band. I somehow swung my way into the conversion, and later auditioned to be in the band. It all worked out, and now these girls are the bestest friends I’ve ever had!

R: And then we found our missing puzzle piece, Sim, who joined us four months ago.

Becky: Ruby and I met in a field somewhere drunkenly as teenagers, and I met Simone when there was a thriving little music scene in High Wycombe around 2009 (where we all grew up). A few years later I had an urge to start up an all-female band to counteract the almost completely male dominated scene. Simone, being one of the only other female musicians around jumped at the idea when I described it. Ruby sort of fell into it… with next to no experience I taught her how to play bass in 72 hours and that was it. Three years passed since the three of us started making music, and in that time we changed our sound, our band name, drummer -– it’s sort of been an evolution to where The Nyx is now.  Sim joined the party a couple months ago, and since then it really feels like we found our missing piece.


ASBO: Learning to play bass in 72 hours is really cool! It took me a solid bit of time to really get the hang of it when I started playing. So colour me impressed! Speaking of band evolution, where did the name come from? 

B: We wanted a name that said everything we stood for in a short, catchy way that wasn’t taken by another band. A pretty impossible task these days, when there seems to be a band for every word in the dictionary, with a stale myspace page somewhere on the internet. We were throwing names around for a while, and Nyx really stuck.

R: We spent ages trying to decided on a name, but The Nyx just kept popping up and it felt right.

B: It means 'the goddess of the night'. Pretty badass.

R: The story behind ‘The Nyx’, the goddess, is that she is the Primordial goddess of the night. She is a figure of such exceptional power, that she is feared by Zeus… In Greek mythology she is sister to Mother Earth and Choas - so in a nut shell, she’s a bit unpredictable, some people are scared of her, some people worship her, she’s a many-sided primordial goddess, a bit like us I suppose. (The many sides part, not the goddess part…)

B:  It basically encompasses the powerful female energy we’re going for. Also, visually NYX is pretty cutting. It sort of looks like a sharp mountain range or something. So Nyx equals all round power, which is totally what we’re going for!

You guys give off strong female empowerment vibes. Who, or what, inspired your style and sound?

S: I totally relate to Skin from Skunk Anansie! The best album for me in ‘Stoosh’. I’d come home from school annoyed with the world and blare out this album in my little grotty teenage bedroom. My mother, would regularly shout, "TURN IT DOWN". She always thought I’d be more interested in reggae than rock. I absolutely love Skin’s attitude and stage presence, as she is so unforgiving. The first track off that album, ‘Yes it’s f@@king political’, is the soundtrack to my life and it’s simply timeless.

Sim: My mum is my biggest inspiration, it may sound cheesy but she is bad ass!

R: Personally, everything and anything inspires me. To be brutally honest, I think it has to do with the lack of well-publicised female icons around when I was growing up. There were a few of them about in the 90s, but music / the world was extremely male dominated back then. Unfortunately, it still is, but we’re working on that - and that’s why we’re doing what we do. I want to be a part of this female uprising, and maybe one day I could inspire someone to pick up an instrument. 

B: Ironically, it’s the lack of inspiration that gives us the biggest drive. Of course, there are many amazing women who have carried the flame for female empowerment before us - Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, Nina Simone - the list is long. But comparatively, when it comes to rock bands there really aren’t too many real all-female bands to follow. We find our inspiration in other things. For example, the anti-trump women’s movement - pretty raw stuff. The glass ceiling - oh baby. Taboos around periods - my fave. 


ASBO: Well you all are certainly a source for inspiration to me. If you could work with any three musicians in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

S: Bob Marley, Chronixx, Jah 9… Yes, my mother has finally blossomed my love for Reggae music.

B: Jeff Buckley , Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley.

R: Dave Ghrol, cos I’m 99% sure that he is God. Courtney Love, because she’s outrageously amazing and Alanis Morisette, just because she is bloody brilliant.

Sim: For me it would be Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon and Debbie Harry.

ASBO: You all play an instrument, which I think is amazing. Do they have names?

S: I call mine ‘Ms lego’ because the more I play, the more it falls apart.

Sim: My drum kits are called Alexis and Gloria ... yikes.

R: You know what, I actually don’t have a name for my bass! Is that bad? Maybe I should…

ASBO: I've named my bass Mr. Jones, incase you were wondering. There's something bonding about naming your instrument. You guys recently released a self titled EP. What’s your favourite track out of the four?

S: Fire Breathing Lady. I absolutely adore the message behind the track and it’s such a joy to play live.

B: I’ve got to go with Fire Breathing Lady. It just kicks down the door and delivers a message like nothing else. Like a hardcore post-woman who ain’t got time for letter boxes.

R: Fire Breathing Lady - such a belter! Such a good one to play live too, I’ve always got a lot of energy for that track

Sim: Myself. 

ASBO: You’ve also just released a music video for your song ‘Hideaway’, and you’ve done a couple of other videos before that. What was the most fun to shoot?

R: We’ve actually just released our Fire Breathing Lady video, that was definitely the most the film!

R: We basically gathered all our gal pals, [dressed] them in leather jackets, and rode around on Boris bikes in London, and just had a lot of fun!

B: We formed a biker gang of girls — on [Boris] bikes. We made hand painted denim and leather jackets saying ‘fire breathing ladies’ on it and gave them out to about 15 of our girl friends. We then cycled around London all day causing havoc and filming it - what more could you possibly want!

ASBO: So what's next for The Nyx? 

B: Writing, recording, releasing - repeat. Joining forces with other ladies in London who are certainly causing a storm to brew when it comes to female-driven revolution. Making music the people can’t ignore.

R: We’re gonna be leaders of the female revolution in the music scene! Well, that’s the dream anyway!

Emelia Ogoe