Watch: Samantha Togni - Queen Nemesis (Feat. Janset)


“I believe that everyone should be free to express themselves, and identify themselves in the way they feel most comfortable with. We should always protect our own freedom, and stand up for ourselves and support others”, begins Samantha Togni. “It took a while to find myself and to love the person I am; if there was one thing I could tell my younger self, it’s to be patient and that everything will fall into place”.

Samantha Togni is an East London based, international DJ and producer. Togni's new EP, Scylla & Charybdis, launched March 31st 2017, and is a fusion of fresh new sounds and rhythms. Inspired by two mythological Greek sea monsters, the EP is given life via punchy kicks and gritty synths.

Originally from Italy, “I grew up in the punk and hardcore scene and music wasn’t just music for me, it was a commitment and a lifestyle… I used to travel for hours to see a band and go crazy to get hold of the record, it was mad”. Togni moved to London and discovered electronic music and club land. “By fusing the two experiences together, I became the artist I am, and I defined my music. I am lucky enough to have extra talented and creative people in my circle of friends, everyone is really driven and supportive to each other, and this is my main strength. Talking about London itself, there’s always something inspiring going on, and all so different from each other. There’s so much to see and learn from this city and the people that live here”.

“I wanted to make two songs of pure energy”, Togni continues, speaking about her EP Scylla & Charybdis, “without thinking too much about rules on how to achieve that, I just listened to how I felt at the moment, keeping that element of spookiness and darkness that I love. Doing this for Trap93 was a huge honour for me, as I have a deep respect for the label and their aesthetic. Scylla & Charybdis will get you ready for my debut EP, which is released at the end of the Summer. Each song features female artists who will have to read my work in their own way. I am so excited about it and I’m sure that after listening to it, you will be too”.

Natalie Wardle