Watch: Pierre Kwenders - Woods of Solitude


The Montreal-based Afro-pop maestro Pierre Kwenders has dropped a brand new single and primer for his forthcoming, Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces-produced album later in the year.

The success of Sinkane and Kwabs, allied to the revival of interest in the recently deceased William Onyeabor, have ignited a thirst for an emotive and expansive contemporary version of Afrobeat that's laced with fizzy electronics and speaks to both African and Western pop cultural traditions. Kwenders' new tune, 'Woods of Solitude', slips seamlessly into this climate and cements his reputation as a musical adventurer with a potent melting pot of influences, a firm desire to push boundaries in his work and a rich cultural heritage from which to draw.

Kwenders, who sings and raps in English, French, Lingala and Tshiluba and fuses Congolese rumba with electro-pop, describes the song as an anthem of discovery and introspection. Conceived as a tribute to his aunt Shimba Kankwende, it's one of his most concise and vibrant works to date, a slinking, rolling groove loaded with smouldering electronic drums, bubbling bass, wriggling guitars and the singer's own heartfelt ruminations that elicits pure joy.

Pierre Kwenders is touring the UK in May as part of a POP Montreal showcase alongside Mozart's Sister. 

Official Video