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Imagine being 18 year's old and being two albums in to your career like you're JoJo, or something. Ieuan (Yai-in) has been doing just that.

Hailing from San Francisco via Wales, Ieuan released his debut album, Songs About Boys, Probably in 2015, although you'll be lucky to find it anywhere. Fortunately the young singer has been hard at work releasing the Pop/R&B influenced follow-up, Pink Suburbia last year. The pastel pink covered album features some of his best work with production and melodies like you'd expect from Top 40 Radio. From the absolute kiss-off bop Youth to the synth-heavy R U Down to the album's title track which could easily pass as a Katy Perry/Carly Rae Jepsen lead single.

Standalone single The Day U Left Me released late-2016 is the ultimate catch in Ieuan's entire discography thus far. The single sticks with pop's current trend of "non-chorus" that's been swimming around for the past five years give or take but the difference here is that it doesn't sound like a lame attempt to capture the sound of a hit single from six months ago (Hi, A&R Execs *waves*).

Just this week Ieuan released his new single, Nicotine, the lead single from his currently untitled third album due Summer 2017 via Northgate Records. Following the pastel themed covers, the single hears Ieuan crooning over a toxic love smokey Pop/R&B feel that oozes Lana Del Rey incluences.

Listen to new single, NicotineThe Day U Left Me and tracks from Ieuan's Pink Suburbia below. Nicotine is out now on iTunes.

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