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Lostchild has come a long way since his production feature Bow Promise's Bisous and in the time between has released not one, but two EP's filled with 80's inspired pop goodness.

First EP, Dancing With Boys, turned one last week and saw the first introduction to Lostchild as an artist following the initial release of Soothe two years ago. It saw Lostchild take control of his voice with authority after experimenting with previous efforts in an effort to launch himself as a standalone artist. No longer a production credit or the sample voice, he put his inspirations and his love for music at the forefront. Standout tracks Kind To Me and the aforementioned, Soothe were the first introduction to building his ground as an all-rounded artist.

The follow up, Being Loved When You Know You're Not Good Enough, picks up where the debut left off. Opening track, Lifeline is a burst of energy, hitting every 80's influence on the head almost like Kind To Me's sister track. Literally the only thing that is missing is a remix video with an image of Lostchild photoshopped with a Whitney perm. The whole EP is dripping in Lostchild's love for synth and 80's production and is even evident on his R&B-leaning songs, Town and S.A.M. Accompanied by a visual, Town is easily a standout on the EP and it's clear why it's been given the video push. The mid-tempo track hears Lostchild long for a life outside of the small town he's grown up in, a feeling that many young adults will recognise. 

All of this is not to say that Lostchild has left his song production for others behind - far from it. In between the two EP's, Lostchild has also had production credits on Diamantina's single 90's Kid and Bow Promise's debut EP, (Wo)Man. But first and foremost, it's time you become familiarised with Lostchild, the artist.

(also #JusticefortheWaitingForTonightLikeABoyremix that's been taken down from his Soundcloud)

Watch the video for Lostchild's Town below and listen to tracks from Lostchild's two EPs here

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