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The name thisisNamaste is one that drew interest to us and when we came across the Scottish singer we wanted know more. We caught up to talk about all things music, her latest single Not My Fault, her inspirations and more.

First of all how did you come to the name thisisNamaste?
It was quite simple really, a friend of mine helped me come up with it. The namaste part came to light as my name is Natasha Marie Stewart so its really just a play on my initials, NA MA STE. My great grandad was also Indian and namaste is an Indian greeting so it all fitted in quite nicely.

How did you first get into music?
I think by accident really, I don’t have a very musical family, (both my parents were dentists) but singing is something I worked out I could do at 8 years old and from then I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted a career in music from then and sang at every possible opportunity!

What sort of music did you grow up listening to?
I listened to a bunch of stuff, my dad liked guns and roses and my mum liked Elton John so we had that on in the house. Predominantly however, growing up in the 90’s, Pop music was my jam! Spice Girls were my all time faves haha! I also used to listen to a lot of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion as my mum had them on in the house and they are the artists that taught me to sing. I used to copy them all the time!

What would you describe the type of music you make as?
Thats always a hard question. Lyrically I’d like to think that my music is very honest. Its always about something I’ve experienced or witnessed. Musically I’d describe my music as pop/electro pop. I love a good synthesiser!

Have you developed your sound through any particular influences or has it been experimental?
My sound has definitely developed over the years from when I first started making music. One element has always remained the same however and that is that it is very inspired by the pop music I grew up listening to, along with my love for Scandinavian pop artists. (Scandinavians know how to write a good pop tune!!)

What inspires your music?
Lots of things.. Everyday life, past experiences, things that are currently happening in my life or my friends lives. Listening to other music also inspires me.

How do you approach making music?
To be honest, it is different every time. Normally it comes quite organically, whether that's a lyric idea I’ve had or a melody idea I’ve had that I take into the studio. Sometimes though, I’ll go into the studio with a producer with no pre planned ideas, and just see what ideas flow between us on the day. That's why writing music is so fun, its never the same!


You released your debut single Exactly What You Want what can you tell us about the song?
Exactly What You Want was written about disclosing early on in a relationship that if you want me to be polished and perfect all the time, that just isn’t going to happen, but if you want someone to hang out and have a lot of fun with and don't mind that that same someone may potentially steal your food and clothes from time to time, then I’m the perfect girl for you! In the era of ‘#RelationshipGoals’ plastered across social media, I thought it would be fun to write a song with a light hearted take on the realities of most people in a comfortable relationship.

How has the song changed or it’s meaning changed since you first wrote it?
No, not at all! What is so refreshing is the amount of people who have told me how relatable they find it which is nice to know that there are others out there just like me!! haha.

What is your new single Not My Fault about?
Not My Fault is about coming to the realisation after the breakdown of a turbulent relationship, that you are not to blame for what happened. It is representing a rebirth of yourself and accepting that the fault did not lay with you but with them.

Is there a video we can expect for the song and if so what is the concept?
Yes! I’m so excited to show you guys it, it is released the same day as the single ( September 13th). As the song symbolises the beginning of a new chapter, I wanted to express this through my clothing. My stylist Emma Tanner and I, therefore explored the use of tulle and other free moving materials to express the ability to be free and not in constraints anymore. The colours we used for the clothing were soft pinks and blushes which kept it soft and feminine.

In terms of your first two releases is there something across your music that you want people to get out, when they listen to your music?
I’d like to think that people will ultimately find my music relatable and realise that everybody goes through these emotions sometimes. Exactly What You Want was more light hearted and fun lyrically whereas, Not My Fault, is slightly more emotional, however, they both come from a very honest place regarding my feelings and experiences.

As someone who had previously was a backing singer for the likes of Rita Ora and Ella Eyre what sort of things have you picked up that you have been able to apply to your own music?
Working with both these amazing artists was truly a blessing. I learned so much from just watching how they work. The biggest element I think I took away from watching them work was their passion, honesty and hard working personalities and that is definitely something I have applied to my own life as an artist and songwriter.

What do you think is one thing that you have learnt about yourself as an artist?

I think the biggest thing I have learned from years of writing is that it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes.

What can we expect from you next?
More music and some live shows in the new year!

Not Your Fault is out today available on all digital platforms.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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