ASBO LIve: Ché Lingo

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After embarking on his The Risk is Proof Tour Ché Lingo ended his first headline tour playing a highly energetic show at London’s Jazz cafe in Camden. Having being a part of the crowd that was at the show and witness his talents live as he brought all his energy and gave the fans a treat.

From the moment he took the stage Chê brought a show that was filled with high energy, a strong setlist and good vibes. With a crowd which was vibing and highly engaging from the first moment he came on stage to the moment he left. With his setlist that brought the high energy very much combined with the powerful moments of spoken rap between not to mention a moshpit at one point the show very much delivered on all expectations.

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With Ché’s diverse range of sounds and styles when it come to his music the show was certainly a combination of everything which kept everybody moving from start to finish and contained a mosh pit at one point. Along with spoken word moments between the high tempo moments.

From wherever you were standing in the room you could certainly see and feel the energy excuding from Ché as he gave his all in terms of bringing levels to each song.

The setlist itself was a combination of Chê’s material including recently released EP Sensitive, last years Charisma and all the tracks in between. tracks included Trip Intro, Sunday Service/Big Doubts, Mad Angle, Letter To A Dealer, Kind of a Love Song, fan favourite Black Girl Magic as well as the closer Same Energy

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As a final stop on the tour he certainly went out with a banger and if this is what we have to look forward to the many tours to come then we cannot wait to see where Chê’s going and are looking forward to seeing his next performance.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

Photos: Seneo Mwamba

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