ASBO Live: Maisie Peters

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Last night after taking a bit of time away from the gigging scene last month in order to recuperate and just gather ourselves together. We welcomed a new month by checking out a fresh new talent on the scene Maisie Peters as she played at London’s Scala.

Maisie who hails from West Sussex released her debut single ‘Place We Were Made’ in 2017 which brought her to mainstream attention. She has since followed up with a string of singles a well as her debut EP Dressed Too Nice For a Jacket. Earlier this year she released her song Stay Young and most recently her song Favourite Ex.

The energy in the room was quite something as fans gathered and sang along to Maisie’s every word from her selist. Ready with guitars at the ready she took through a smooth chilled acoustic set of her songs.

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Maisie who showed off her vocal abilities and was only supported by a person band really let her voice shine through. Her folky-pop vibes came through the entire venue. As well as her quirky personality,

As previously mentioned her fans also came through for her and showed up singing along to every show. Additionally it was one of the calmest crowds I have witnessed at Scala with everybody being into the music.

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The selist consisted of Maisie’s string of singles including her debut single Place We Were Made, as well as tracks from her EP In My Head, Architect, You To You and some of the other singles she has released over the past two years, Details, Feels Like This, Worst Of You. Maisie also shared a new song This is On You merged with one of her other songs Birthday.

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Overall the vibe of the show was chilled and displayed how Maisie was able to really capture the attention of her fans and everybody in the room. As someone who is starting off her journey we are definitely looking forward to see where Maisie goes and seeing what the rest of the year has in store for her.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

Images: Seneo Mwamba

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