Theia The New Zealand songstress who showing you why she is Not Your Princess


The last time we spoke to Theia was just after she released her single for Bad Idea in 2018. Since then she has released a string of singles as well as her latest EP Not Your Princess. It was only right that we caught up again with the New Zealand songstress to find out how things have been going since last year. As well as, The EP, The songs, The name and everything else.

It’s been a year since we last spoke to you after you released your single Bad Idea. How have things been since then, how has your year been?

The brevity of life huh! I’m going well, thank you. It’s been amazing growing my sound, continuing to travel & releasing music. 

You recently released your new EP Not Your Princess what has it been like making that EP?

 So fun! I was working on it before my first EP even dropped. So it’s been a process. For instance, Bye Bye and Bad Idea were started in early 2017 and released in 2018. Telling Everyone My Name was started in Oct 2017 then finished in April 2018. Candy was written and finished in Sept/Oct 2018, Honest was started in Oct 2018 finished in Dec 2018 and on the same trip I wrote and recorded Not Your Princess! It’s rewarding, it’s fun, it’s a lot of hard work. I’m so proud of it, 

Why did you decide to call it Not Your Princess?

I had been considering a few names, but this was before I had written Not Your Princess, then as soon as I wrote it, I knew the EP had to be named that too. It perfectly encapsulates my mood, articulates the sassy, passionate feeling that binds the record together. 


In terms of this EP compared to your last one that you released in 2017, what do you feel is the biggest difference between the two?

Sonically, the production and tone is much more edgy and Avant garde. Where as the last EP was more electro-pop, this is the embodiment of my present alt-pop attitude. Lyrically, it’s more powerful and free, vocally I’m more open. So the difference between the two is my progression and growth in confidence heard in the sound.  

Was there a particular idea you had in mind with this EP?

 The releasing of myself from fear and the beauty in anger. 

How would you describe the sound and vibe of the EP?

 Alt-pop. The production is experimental, the bass is grungy, the synths are dirty, the top end is bright and glittery, the mastering is crisp. The lyrics are sassy and cutting. The melodies are quirky but accessible. My vocal is textured and I’ve had so much fun bringing new mediums into the vox production such as distortion - I’m inspired by Natalia Kills and Neil Young.  

By listening the opening song which is the title track Not Your Princess is quite in your face was this intentional?

 Yes for sure! It’s a statement as true as the main hook ‘I am not your princess, stay out of my business!’  

You play around with a range of sounds which are a bit dark and edgier than we’ve heard from you before was this what you were going for?

Yes. I’m loving experimenting and bending genres, influences and textures together to create something new. The EP is a mixture of trap, rock, r&b, alternative, pop. I call it alt-pop or avant-pop. Alternative production with the accessibility of hook filled melodies and themes.  

Tell us about the process off making the EP in terms of the songs themselves, which ones are your favourite are there any that stand out to you?

Every song means something and they’ve all been born out of a unique feeling or circumstance. As I’m sure a lot of musicians say, their songs are their babies. So it’s hard to pick an absolute favorite, but the powerful nature of Not Your Princess is undeniably me right now!  

In terms of the visual aesthetic and vibe of the EP what can you say about that because it’s very clear that you have a clear view when it comes to how you want things to look and come across when it comes to your music?

 Yes I totally do. I like the visuals to be as cohesive and themed as the music. Each video may have a treatment that connects to the song but the visuals have an overall theme. My name, Theia, means Goddess. Powerful, otherworldly, strong, feminine. I think these values are present in both aspects!  

What are some things that influence your creativity and thinking process when it comes to marrying visuals and your music?

 As I’m making my music the visuals are in my minds eye. Other times, a visual can inspire or inform a song or a lyric. They go hand in hand. 

What were some moments that stood out to when making this EP?

Making Candy and Not Your Princess just months apart was incredible because I had spent a few weeks feeling terribly low and drained, not feeling like my work was finished yet or that I’d even fully brought to life the world that was in my head. So to then have both songs come so easily was a God send. And I knew it was ready. 

For people who may not have across you prior to this, how do you feel this EP shows who you are as an artist?

My EP reflected my life and journey precisely at the time each song was crafted. The songs are confident, angry, melancholic, powerful, victorious. It’s the next stage of the journey after my first EP and  a perfect continuation I think!  

As its been out for a couple of weeks now what has the reaction been like and how has it been like for you having it out?

I love how personal & subjective music is. So a highlight of releasing a body of work is seeing fans find their favorite tracks that they really connect with and forming their own meaning. For me, it’s always emotional releasing anything, whether a single or an EP. They were just mine and then you gift them to the world. It can be scary baring your soul in a way. But you get used to it haha 

Have you learned anything about yourself in the process of making the EP?

That I’m making music / art to please no one else but me and that though it’s scary to fully let go and put yourself out there, someone somewhere will love what your making too! - And if not, at least I’m being authentic to who I am at this very moment. 

If you could only describe the EP in three words what they be?

badass/ intricate/ smart 

What can we expect from you next in 2019?

More music! I’m already working on my next material and it’s really exciting. I’m also doing some shows and will be traveling more. 

Not Your Princess by Theia is available now, you can check it out here .

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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