Everybody We Are Looking Forward To Seeing At The Ends Festival Main Stage


With just over a week to until The Ends Festival takes place in Lloyd Park, Croydon from May 31st - June 2nd. We have been excited for everything we can expect from the festival. Since announcing the festival last year and teasing the lineup for a number of months now we can happily say that we are very much looking forward to see the many artists which will be gracing the festival stage. It is safe to say that the 3 headliners who will no doubtably bring a different vibe to each night of the festival will kill it, and in our excitement and lead up to get ready for the festival we are sharing some of the other artist we are most looking forward to see take the stage next weekend.



Ever since we had the chance to catch NAO live at the O2 Academy in Brixton during her Saturn Tour which took place 2 months ago, we have been excitedly waiting for the next time we can catch her return to a stage, And so we are very much looking forward to seeing her play at The Ends. The release of her second album last year reminded us why she is someone who should forever be treasured. We first experienced NAO in a festival setting at 2017’s AfroPunk London which had her giving an energetic and lively performance to those crowds. Of course since then she has really shown herself to be an artist to pay attention to not only in terms of her vocal abilities but also as a performer as she does tend to bring something refreshing and cool to the stages she graces, and we are sure whatever she brings to The Ends will be no different.

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Masego Press Photo.jpg

When we first came across Masego last year after the release of his second album Lady Lady we were pleasantly surprised by what we heard. Having not had any prior knowledge of who he was Lady Lady gave us a different vibe of the music we heard of the time. With the jazzy influence and the chilled sounds we heard on songs like I Had a Vision the whole album was one that we are still listening too simply for its ease on the ears. Having missed his London show at the O2 Shepard’s Bush Empire we are very much looking forward to hearing the sounds we have gotten accosted to over the past year come alive on the festival stage.

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A2 - image.jpg

Until we came across BLUE his 2017 EP the name A2 was one we were familiar with but never really paid that much attention too. Following its release we were intrigued by the UK rapper who sound wasn’t like those around him. Its 2018 follow up Purple was another strong work of music. Having never experienced his live shows we are sure that he will bring the same energy if not more that comes across in his music. Gracing the stage on Friday alongside the likes of Ghetts, De La Soul and Kojey Radical we are sure that A2’s vibe will bring a level of chilled vibes to the stage breaking up the somwhat hyped up performance the others ware sure to bring.

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Maleek Berry

Maleek Berry.jpeg

Bringing some of the Afrobeats vibe to the stage Maleek Berry will not be a performance to miss. Having being present during his performance at AroRepublik last year where we saw Maleek completely transform the stage for his set we are very much looking forward to seeing what he does with The Ends stage. Not only that but also bringing the Afrobeat vibes which will have everybody feeling the vibes and spirit of his music. His setlist is bound to keep the energy and the vibe of the festival going no matter what time of he will be taking the stage.

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Burna Boy

Burna Boy pic 5.jpg

Another one to make the crowd dancing from the moment he takes the stage, another one for the Afrobeats vibes will be Burna Boy. What you can expect as soon as he performs his track Ye will definitely take the crowd to the next level. If his 2018 performance at the O2 Brixton Academy is anything to go off that was a night where the crowd was going non stop from the moment he took the stage till the end of the night. As well as the fact his 2018 album Outside is filled with songs and track that can’t help you do anything but catch a vibe we are sure that his will be one of the stand out performance of the weekend.

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Jaz Karis

Jaz Karis 1 - credit Amanda Searle LEAD IMAGE.jpg

Friend of ASBO we don’t need to let you know how much we adore Jaz Karis, not just an an artist but as person as well. You don’t need to tell us twice we definitely be ready for Jaz’s performance. Surprisingly we have never gotten the opportunity to catch a live performance of hers just yet and so we are looking forward to seeing what she brings to the festival stage. Her vibes again will be a smooth and chilled vibe as she brings her instruments filled vibes to the stage and if you need an example of what this mind sound like we recommend you check out her live EP Live At The Dairy. We are very much excited to see what she has in store for the crowd.

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J Balvin


Last but not least if there is one performer we are going to be buzzing to see bring all the Latino, Regatton vibes is the one and only J Balvin. Considering his Coachella performance which saw bring all those Latino vibes that have blown up in the past year since broke through the mainstream music stream with this Spanish and Latino vibes. Someone who is quite different from the other artists on the lineup we are sure that this will not be challenging for him as I’m sure he will still bring everything that will make the crowd move whether or not we understand what he is saying. Personally here at ASBO we thoroughly the vibes he brings to his music and are looking forward to getting to experience those vibes at The Ends.

Get yourself ready and check out J Balvin on Spotify.

The Ends Festival will take place next weekend from May 31st - Jun 2nd. You can find out more about the festival and purchase your tickets if you haven’t yet by visiting the festival website https://www.theendsfestival.co.uk/ and follow the festival @theendsfestival. We will also be covering the festival live which you will be follow on our socials @asbomagazine

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