Love Saves The Day Back For Another Year


In a couple weeks, Bristol-based festival “Love Saves the Day” will return to Eastville park, bringing with them one of the strongest line ups of British artists of the summers festival season. It brings a hub of DJs from around UK and Europe spanning across genre and generation, some of the most formidable artists in the UK rap scene and some sweet nostalgia trips for the 90s-00s kids.

The festivals DJ setlist is one of the key attractions for people to this festival. Artists with both an under and overground following throughout Europe, and with the festival based in the drum and bass capital, it won't you take long for those baselines and break-beats to fill your rude-boy boots. This whilst also catering for the emerging and established UK rap scene, fronting some of the most exciting and progressive artists working today. They’ve captured an attitude  which is rippling in certain pools of music, a sound without genre; artists like Little Simz, Kojey Radical, Slowthai, Flohio, are artists who are carving taste rather than following. All those acts are to be found on Paradiso stage Saturday, past that you’re still facing people like Octavian, IAMDDB, Not3s, making the same waves in their respected scene, note I do not include Jimothy Lacoste.

However, festivals line ups need to to keep the appeal for the 30+ concurrent with the appetite for the Soundcloud generation, otherwise bar profits are going to dip as no 18 year old can afford festival prices. However, the problem many festivals fall into is falling too far either way, with some looking like a radio 1 xtra playlist and others with actual bands playing. But by including acts like David Rodigan, Bonobo, Congo Natty, and Goldie, you appeal to the homeowners and the no voters, somewhere on the 6 music airwaves. They’re artists which bridge the gap of two generations itinerary as you’d know to see their set for the first or fifth time, it won't disappoint. 

Now try focussing on all this while keeping an eye on the main stage acts, music junkies are going to have a weekend of anxiety and frustration. With a line up covering so many bases, you got some hard decisions to make. We are all used to the irritation of set clashes, however what ‘Love Saves the Day’ has created is a thematic conflict. You choosing between the heavy baselines and slow progressions, the lyrical and musical innovation of the UK rap scene, to reminisce of your earlier days or catch artists like Ocean Wisdom rap ‘Eye Contact’  and ask how the fuck he’s able to rap that fast. 

Either way, you're going to wake up Monday to your heavy head hitting the train window with the feeing of regret for what you missed, whether you utilised your time as effectively as you could. Now if this is a problem you're liable to, the fear that each choice means someone you're also missing, I’d advise bringing a friend who doesn’t care as much, let them drag you along to put the responsibility of missing out on them, or MDMA. 

Loves Saves the Day 25-26 of May.

Remember to look for the after parties. 

Words: Will Sare

james may