ASBO Meets: DJ Spinall


Hailing from Nigeria the name DJ Spinall might not be one that you have come across before. However, with a career as a DJ which has spun well over a decade with a number of albums and mixtapes under his belt we caught up with DJ Spinall fresh of the release of his brand new song What Do You See featuring Kojo Funds to find out more about him and to chat about all things music.

How did you first get into music?

I grew up around family that was very much into music. My parents pounded us with many different sounds. My mum was always singing and my dad was always playing music. My time in high school also played a major role and lead to what I am doing right now

How do you feel your heritage and your background influenced the type of music you made?

I am a cultural person and when you see me in person, you can tell I am somebody who very culturally rooted. Afrobeats is all about culture and I find that it is hard to sell it and it’s hard to make Afrobeats if you are not from that part of the world. It’s more than just rhythms and beats and is very much rooted in culture and is very much about a heritage and a culture and I find in all of my music I have released you can tell this something that has influenced me.

How would you describe your sound and type of music you make?

I would say that the music that I make is high-energy music. I find that they are full of so much meaning and full of base, and the energy I get from people back home. It is all based on what is going on around me either from being a DJ, from being at parties, from the real life relationships and real stories.

In terms of the African music scene how music from that region has grown to become popular what, has it been like for you as an artist who has been in that scene for a while?

Having been a DJ for a while now, I would only say that I started making Afrobeats about 3 years ago. Even so in that time and even from when I was Djing it has definitely grown and I feel that as a genre it is definitely going to keep on growing and will continue to be bigger and better.

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You release your single What Do You See with Kojo Funds, how did that collaboration come about?

I’m a big fan of Kojo Funds I think he is an amazing talent and I’ve always wanted to work with him. I was having a conversation and his manager was in the room and he told me to send him a DM and so I sent him a dm and it just went from there and that is how we made the record.

How would you describe what the song is about?

The song itself is about perfection, and what people see when they look at you. People look at you and think because you are certain way you are a certain thing just based off what they see. Therefore, the whole thing was what do people see when they look at us, when you look at me who do you see, when somebody looks at you what do they see. It’s basically the idea that what you see on the outside might not be what you see on the inside .

What do you want people to get and feel when they listen to the song?

It’s s pure vibe. It’s about love, it’s about you sharing and understanding the other person. It’s also about commitment lyric wise we are talking about you liking a girl and she liking you back and you liking her more than what she looks like. So yeah on the real it’s just a vibe and is also just celebrating women.

 What can you say about the vibe of the video and what you wanted to put across?

In terms of the video we just wanted to put the vibes of the song in there whilst also making it about celebrating the culture. We got some traditional African drums in there, also we had dancers, we tried to portray one of the gods who was known for spiting fire so we had so we had someone doing that as well. A lot of cultural outfits.

How do you feel you have grown or developed as an artist from when you started?

I think the difference between what I was doing as a DJ versus what I am doing now is that is basically creating. So I am more in the process of creating. Even still I am still DJing but I’m more about creating my own sound and using my experiences and putting in my music to make sounds I think people are going to enjoy.

What can we expect from you next?

I think for me it’s about the Cultural sounds, so I want to continue to put out the cultural sounds and make that type of music. I am working on some new music and there are a few big songs songs so look out for that, there is definitely more music coming.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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