ASBO Meets: Planet Giza


Planet Giza are a three piece trio that hail from Montreal Canada. Their music can only described as a modern experimental sound which blends and infuses various genres of music and brings together a sound that is very different from what one would expect to come out of Canada. ASBO spoke with the Rami, DoomX and Tony of the group and discussed everything from musical inspirations, why the name Planet Giza their new album and more.

ASBO: How did you meet?

Rami: I use to play basketball for the city of laval with Tony like 10 years ago.He introduced me to Doom in the summer of 2013.

DoomX: I met tony through a friend of mine then we started a duo named “The North Virus”. Fast forward summer 2013, I met Rami through Tony at his crib.

Tony: I met Doom through french rapper ‘’Rowjay’’ cause we went to the same high school. I been known Rami for the longest cause we played basketball together as kids.

ASBO: What were your first impressions of each other?

Rami: I remember at the try-outs , me & tony were going back and forth on the three's against each other, it was basically me against him lool that day. First time I met doom i was suprised he was that tall .

DoomX: i didn’t really have an impression beside that they seemed like cool peoples

Tony: Both of them were mad cool, I could tell we were going to get along.

ASBO: How did you come up with your name?

Planet Giza: We used to go by ''The North Virus x Rami.b(izzle)'' but that was too long so one night we were sharing ideas a group name and we came up with ''Planet Giza'' (Because of the three pyramids of Gizeh)

ASBO: How would you describe your dynamic as a group?

Rami: We all complete each other very well i think.

DoomX: i think its a perfect blend we all have our strength and when we come together its magical.

Tony: It’s the Dream Team, we play off each others skills and we trust that what comes out of it is always going to be special.

ASBO: What are each of your musical influences?

Rami: Mostly hiphop, jazz & house influences, artist like Pete Rock, Roy Ayers & Kenny Dope really influenced my sound.

DoomX: growing up i was listening to all kinds of music but mostly Down South artists like UGK, T.I, Lil Boosie, lex luger, young chop but since i turned 18 my range has expanded to Roy Ayers, Tyler The Creator, Organized Noize, Teddy Riley... my sound is all over the place lol.

Tony: Growing up I was a hip-hop head to the core, Jay-Z and Biggie were the main ones I would listen to. But RnB was always in the picture with artists like D’angelo, Luther Vandross, etc.

ASBO: How would you describe the music scene in Montreal?

Rami: It really flourished since the day we started . There's a bit of everything i'll say.

DoomX: to me i think it’s still in development there’s been a lot of improvement but it still has a long way to go. It’s in the right direction though.

Tony: I like what i’m seeing. Always room for progression but we have real amazing talent out here.


ASBO: What was the process like as a group when you started making music together?

Planet Giza: We have a group chat on Facebook and that's where we send all of our ideas. When Tony is in town , we hit up the studio to work on these ideas etc. This as been the process since day 1

ASBO: How do you think that has changed/evolved?

Rami: We really evolved when Tony started to sing & rap on the songs.

Tony: The music gets done faster now but we pay attention to the details more (specific sounds, length of a song, releases, etc).

ASBO: You utilise a variety of sounds and musical genres when it comes to your music, how collectively are you able to make music that captures different genres and musical elements?

Rami: We all like & hear different things in music.

DoomX: we like to blend stuff, stuff that nobody has really done before sometimes

Tony: We’re never afraid to try new things when it comes to making music. Plus simply making one type of genre wouldn’t be as fun.

ASBO: You recently released your album Added Sugar, what was the process of making that and how it came together?

Planet Giza: It took us like a year and a half, we started it in Paris and we kept making changes to it through the year until it was perfect to us.


ASBO: Why the title  Added Sugar?

Rami: We never released a full project with vocals on the majority of the songs , So adding Tony with his harmonies etc is like adding sugar to our recipe.

DoomX: also listening to this album is like having a sugar rush, you start being really hyped up than you have this low where you feel drained with no energy. That’s kind of the vibe to this project

Tony: Also, most of the album just sounds sweet haha. It’s lush and happy sounding so the name fits perfectly.

ASBO: How do you feel the album describes you as a group and as artists?

Planet Giza: To us its the beginning of a new chapter, people had this perception that we were only beatmakers/dj’s but we’re trying to show that we’re more than that.

ASBO: What is one thing you want to put across in your music?

Planet Giza: Authenticity and Good Vibes.

ASBO: As friends and people that have been making music together how has your relationship changed?

Planet Giza: we’re like brothers we don’t only make music all the time

ASBO: Finally, what can we expect from you next?

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