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When we first came across young Australian singer CXLOE we heard her 2018 song Show You which stood out as something that was different to us. Described as making ‘Dark Pop’ CXLOE is a fresh sound on the music scene and and an artist we are paying attention. We caught up with her to chat about her inspiration, how being from Australia has influenced her music what “Dark pop” is and more.

How did you first get into music?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I started singing when I was little, then sung all through school at shows and musicals. I then began writing at around 15 and it kind of just went from there. 

What sort of music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, the Police, Fleetwood Mac!

How do you feel growing up in Australia has influenced the type of music you make?

It is definitely influenced my sound in an organic way. Aussies are great are creating their own sounds, regardless of trends or what is current. So it definitely let me be free when exploring this

What would you describe the type of music you make as?

I would describe it as dark pop

Have you developed your sound through any particular influences or has it been experimental?

Its definitely all been very experimental, but I have also been grateful influenced by artists such as BANKS, Tove Lo, Lykee Li, Allie X.


When you are working on a song are you more about lyrics or melody?

100% melody. When listening to a song, often people don’t even understand the lyrics, the melody is what gets stuck in your head. That is why I always find myself drifting towards melodies first. Then what takes it to the next stage is having killer lyrics.

You have released a string of singles over the past couple of years, what has been like releasing music? 

Its been amazing. I love releasing singles especially at the moment with how streaming is driving the music industry. You can put out a single, see if it sticks and then move depending on how it goes. I’ve been writing and developing my sound so that I am ready to move fast and release something else if the current single doesn’t land.

You released your last song ‘Show You’ last year, what can you tell us about the song?

Show you, at face value sounds like a very sensual song. It isn’t to me. I wrote it more so about revealing your entire self to someone and showing how you feel about them with your entire self. Letting down barriers, insecurities. And yes also sexually. I like the idea of the woman being able to make the first move.


Your latest single ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ is the first release of 2019 what is that song about?

I Can’t Have Nice Things is about self sabotage. Its about how I seem to ruin or break a lot of the things in my life! Ever since I was little I always found a way to smash things that were expensive or of value. This has transferred into my adult life. Its a song about admitting these flaws and simply stating that, I just cant have nice things in my life. 

What made you want this song the first one you put out in 2019?

Its honest. Its raw and its also very different to Show You. I wanted to put something out that was different to show you. I little more, left. It felt like the perfect option.

 Let’s talk about the video and what the concept of that was?

I wanted to keep the music video really simple, as the song to me is so raw. I didn’t want to hide behind anything as I am completely honest and myself in this song. Throughout the video, you see multiple images of me over the top of each other and this represents all the different things in my life that I cant keep a hold of and all the personalities that come out of me and ruin the things I love.

How do you approach your visuals in relation to your songs and what role do they play?

I approach them with an amazing creative team that help me visualise what im feeling and thinking. They’re called the Jade Collective. Its hard for me to article what visual images I want, so I just explain the song and myself and they have a great way of picking up the pieces and bringing it all to life!

Is there something across your singles that you want people to get out, when they listen to your music?

I have felt like a lone wolf a lot of my life. And very mis understood. I just want my listeners to feel like they belong and that they’re not along. And that there is someone out there crazier than them ;) 

As someone who had been described as making “dark pop” How do you feel the music you are making differs from what is out there already?

I feel like pop music at the moment is very clean, which I also love. But for me, I feel my concepts match better with darker production as there is always something deep and heavy with what I am writing about. Socially it hits harder and gets my points across better.

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As an artist what sort of role does your fashion and style play? 

All of my shows, social media and single covers are very theatrical. So fashion plays a huge role. It helps get what I’m saying over the finishing line. I want my audience to feel like they’re watching a show and to be so drawn in within every aspect. Fashion and aesthetics help a lot with this,

How do you feel overall you are able to express yourself as a creative person?

 Purely through music. Its funny cause I am a songwriter, but a lot of the time I cant articulate myself and how I feel. Music is the only way I can do this.

What can we expect from you next?

LOTS of new music. Im pulling an Ariana grande and pumping out music faster than you can think! Hahah, maybe not that fast, but you get the idea :) lots of music.

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