International Women’s Month Spotlight: JGrrey

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As we roundup our celebration of female artists for International Women’s Month we bring you yet another female artists to be aware of, London based R&B/Soul artist JGrrey whose down tempo vibes are putting her out there as yet another young female artist to be on the look for. With the release of her first EP Grreydaze which is out now, we caught up to JGrrey to find more about her as artist, the landscape of music for female artists and more.

What was your first introduction into music?

My dad is a DJ and when I was younger, I listened to quite a lot of his records. So that was my initial love of music came from was through my dad playing music all the time

Who were some of your musical influences?

I can’t say that I had one particular person I listened in terms of who inspired me, I think it was more the appreciation of different people that made different music. I mean when I was younger I listen to a lot of Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Blu Cantrell, mainly chart music, but I always s found it interesting how each person could make a song that was so different.

Was there any particular artist who influenced the type of music you make in terms of your sound?

Initially I just started writing to write songs, I didn’t particularly want to make music but as I got older I started listening to more artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, really mellow down tempo music.  I feel like now they are all artists that inspire me in terms of the down tempo soulful music.


What is your technique in terms of how you approach making music?

In the beginning I didn’t particularly make music to make music, because I was an artist. I had no end goal, it was all just trial and error. I do feel like it still is and for me it is more about enjoying the journey and making music for the sake of it, I still don’t know where I going it’s just doing it for fun and I’m trying to hold on to that as long as possible.

You recently released your first EP Grreydaze this past month. What was that process like making the EP?

The process of creating the EP was very interesting, I wrote the first song Feelings 3 years ago and again as I was just saying I wrote that for fun. I didn’t have any intention of releasing it or anybody hearing it, which is the same for a lot of the tracks. However, when it came to putting together a project of work I had these songs and they sounded good together so I just decided to put them out as a EP, which wasn’t a plan I had either. It just worked out that way, it was a happy accident.

What was it like actually putting it out and releasing the music?

I think that for me just that music is a way that I am able to talk about things that in way I would not be able to talk about anywhere else. And so it’s just a way of me expressing myself and sharing that with people was really exciting for me so I could get other peoples reactions and views on the songs.


As we round up International Women’s Month where we are celebrating women in music. Who are female artists that inspire you now?

There are so many. There is a new artist called Belle Cobain who I think is amazing and she is only 17 years old. I think her writing is really really cool. Jorja Smith, Mahalia, Poppy Ajudah just so many others who are just killing it right now writing in their own way and making the music that they want to make, unapologetic and I think that’s great.

What do you think about the current landscape of music for female artists?

I think it’s amazing, I think it’s incredibly refreshing especially when there’s artists like Poppy Ajudah, I think she is amazing she makes such crazy beautiful music. I just feel it is a nice time for male and female artists because they can be exactly who they want to be especially in a industry that is not always so kind to female artists  

Do you feel there is a pressure as a new artist among all the music currently out and breaking though?

I think there is always a pressure, no matter what genre and what type of music you make it’s the nature of the industry, there’s always going to be that pressure from someone somewhere. For myself personally, I just like making music so that’s what I pay attention to and just enjoying myself with it and if there’s pressure then just don’t pay attention to it, just do what you do and stay true to yourself.

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What do you think about the general landscape of the music scene in terms of the current state of music?

It’s always an experiment making music you never know what it’s going to be. All the  new sounds and new genres are just more spaces for people to create in, and make it whatever you want it to be. There doesn’t need to be the same structure as s particular sound if it’s like a pop song for example, I think it’s really exciting just because music right now is in a place where you can take it whoever ever you want to take it.

Where do you see yourself going in the future with your music?

At the moment I’m in a place where I am just happy to be able to make music, and know that people listen to it. So I think it’s just seeing what happens and working with different people, seeing what I can make and keep surprising myself. I don’t really have any plans or expectations I’m just enjoying the process as it happens.

What’s next for you?

More music, more music videos. I’ve been working with this cool director who did the notice music video I want to have more fun with my creative for my videos. and just more  live shows.

Grreydaze is out now on all digital platforms. You can follow JGrrey on social media @jgrrey

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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