ASBO Live: Alec Benjamin

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Joining the crowd of his fans we went down to the O2 Academy Islington to check out an artist who is on his rise Alec Benjamin play a chilled and somewhat vibey show and we liked what we saw.

Whilst the name Alec Benjamin may be one that some may be unfamiliar with. The 22 year old singer-songwriter who hails from the US has been working as an artist for a while, having released two mixtapes of which the second Narrated By You was released last year and produced his single Let Me Down Slowly featuring Alessia Cara.

His sound is something I would describe as chilled pop with very simple and sounds that are not doing too much. The show itsself also reflects this as Alec appeared with the support of one other person on stage and him with his guitar.

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The show was one that we really enjoyed. In a time where artist feel like they have to do the most when it comes to their shows sometimes its good to just hear the music and not have to alot going on.

In terms of the crowd and the energy in the room the audience were very much vibing and going along with Alec’s vibe the entire show/

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His setlist included tracks from both his mixtapes as well as the string of singles that he has released kept the crowd going all night.

Fan favourites included his single Let Me Down Slowly, as well as other tracks such as Steve, If I Killed Someone, Death of a Hero, Waves, Stan, Boy in a Bubble, Water Fountain and more.

Alec was able to capture his audience and really connected with him taking a moment to join them in the crowd,

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Overall the show was just what you needed at the end of the day with a night of chilled and relaxing music. With the release of his single Let Me Down Slowly which has been making waves we are sure that there is more of Alec Benjamin to come.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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