ASBO Meets: CC Clarke


CC Clarke is a beauty blogger extraordinary who has spent the past couple of years building her beauty empire. From building her social media following over 1 Million followers across her social media accounts including over 154,000 YouTube subscribers to working the brands with the likes of MAC, Maybelline and more. However on the other side of this beauty guru lies the creativity of an artist wanting to come out, working quietly behind the scenes for some time now CC is coming out into her own as an artist. Fresh of the release of her first single. We caught up with the beauty blogger turned artist to find out more about CC Clarke the artist. 


ASBO: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

CC: Crazy, Loyal, Charismatic.

ASBO: When did you first get interested in music?

CC: I was obsessed with Disney and musicals from a young age and then every family holiday I would be in the kids club show singing my solo performances every year and I knew then it was my purpose in life!

ASBO: Who are some of the musical influences you had growing up?

CC: Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson and Queen! There are so many more as well such as Britney, JT, Nina Simone - the list is never ending haha.

ASBO: Have you always been a creative person?

CC: Always. If anything it’s been my biggest weakness as well in a way as I almost had too many creative ideas and hobbies growing up but I am now learning to thread them all together as an artist.

ASBO: You are well known as one of the UK's biggest online beauty bloggers's so when did you first get started or interested in beauty?

CC: When my mum practised her college makeup exam on me - I was 4 and after that, there was no stopping me! I started online 4 years ago though as another way to teach and inspire through my creative ideas with makeup. 

ASBO: How do you feel that you are able to express yourself in terms of beauty and the work that you do?

CC: I think it is just SO empowering being able to transform and create art on the face … we wear different outfits that make us feel great and my makeup collections and looks are like my wardrobe that enables me to feel great each day! And I can express my different moods and inspirations and also inspire others whether it is taking my makeup off and not being afraid to go bare-faced or if it is creating art on the face!

ASBO: You have grown quite a large following over the years since you started till now. How do you feel as a person people have been able to connect with you in that way?

CC: I have always kept it real and always will so I feel like being attainable and answering back equations and showing my vulnerable or less filtered side has enabled my audience to coot even though my audience is large.

ASBO: You have recently released your first single as an artist, as somebody who has been a well-known beauty blogger for some time to transition to an artist how do you feel like that as an artist you are different?

CC: I have been music artist for 10 years as a writer trying to find my path and a blogger only for 4 years, however, being able to merge the two together has been so positive and uplifting to me as I am passionate about not restricting myself to one thing and one journey and want to show to anyone that is told you can’t do that you actually CAN And I feel that sets me apart.


ASBO: Many people don’t know that you have been doing music for a while now having been signed and actually written songs for other artists, has music always been something you’ve wanted to do alongside your existing career?

CC: It’s funny as I have never stopped my music journey. (People just don’t always know) I have always had jobs to fund my journey in music and creativity. So, of course, it’s been my aim and purpose from the beginning and Its finally my time YAY!

ASBO: You have actually written songs that have done well quite globally, so what can you tell us about working as a songwriter?

CC: I've had success in songwriting with my dear friend and talented producer Jon Kelly... It’s always fun writing for others! He has worked with Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, MJ and more so I felt so inspired being able to write with him and grateful that some of my first ever hits went into the top 5 in Europe!

ASBO: Why did now seem to the right time to release music an artist?

CC: It just finally all came together with a great team and the demand became so high with my audience we couldn’t wait any longer!

ASBO: What can you tell us about your debut single A Little More?

CC: It’s got serious gospel vibes with a cool British edge I would say.

ASBO: Why did you feel like this was the song you wanted to release that you introduce people to you as an artist?

CC: I wanted to really introduce people to my voice and range which I feel this song does and then I thought It was a relatable subject coming from the world of social media - how online people can get low self-esteem and even look to influencers like their life is perfect but this song was like therapy to me letting my fans know that I too get lost and low and this was my reminder that we are worth more and to stick together in self-love and positivity.

ASBO In a time and space where there are so many new artist and people making music online how do you feel like that your music will set you apart?

CC: My ideas of bringing together music makeup and creativity has only just begun and my visions are already being commissioned by the likes of Maybelline, Loreal, YSL, SONY and many more incredible brands and labels so watch this space as I plan to do something different and work with brands as well as fill arenas (a girl can dream right!?)

ASBO: You have worked with some great people over the past year who are quite well known. What has working with people been like over the past year?

CC: It has been a whirlwind and what I have learnt is It doesn’t matter if I am in Chris browns huge recording studio in LA or a studio in a tiny bedroom It is always about the organic song you can create together and honest ideas.

ASBO: What have you learnt about yourself since you have started doing your music?

CC:: I have learnt that even though I would have always said I am an open book actually people have no idea what pressure and emotions are hidden within me and that is poured out of me only when I write.

ASBO: As somebody who has built a career on the internet how important do you feel the internet plays in terms of being an artist as well as being a blogger?

CC: It is the most important thing now as its the only way fans can stay connected every day and by keeping on top of that we can listen, grow and communicate knowing exactly what they want and what works for us… building platforms, businesses giving them music more freely and most importantly attaining genuine connections with people.

ASBO: What else can we expect from you coming up in the future? 

CC: An Album I hope but so many secrets I can’t wait to share too!

Check out CC Clarke's new single and more information with her new music coming soon here  and be sure to check her out on social media @CCClarkebeauty

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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