Dorpheus premieres 'Glimmer' EP


Dorpheus is a producer from North London. After having recently shared his track ‘Heliosphere’, ASBO are excited to premiere his new EP ‘Glimmer’. We had a quick chat with him to get the low down on the new release.

What is the Glimmer EP?

Glimmer is me finding my sound. I’ve spent a few years experimenting and finding exactly the kind of music I want to make and Glimmer really feels like a milestone in this journey. So yeah its basically the early days of what I think my sound is going to become.

Describe your sound to us.

I’m quite adamant to stay away from defining myself with any genres, and I’ve taken influences from so many places that i can’t really decide what I wanna call it. It’s a very London sound I guess, lots of noise and “pollution”, ambient and natural sounds mixed in with harder, darker vibes. At least, it feels very ‘London’ to me...

How long has the EP been in the works?

It’s hard to pinpoint when it started, as when I made the first track “Concrete”, I had no intention of making an EP, and I’ve changed the track list so much it barely resembles what it initially started as. But I guess it started about 6-7 months ago with that track.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I think my most important influence would be Burial. “Concrete” is actually a kind of homage to his music which has just been so important to me in a lot of aspects. I also get pretty inspired by creatives around me, all the talented and incredible people I’ve been able to meet through music

What’s next for you, Dorpheus?

Ah the future... I’m not really sure to be honest, just know there will be more music. I’m expecting my next project to be a bit more uptempo, more dance music based, but we’ll just have to see how that turns out.


Interview by Von Bismarck

Photography by Daniel Housley