Kovacs presents heartfelt video for “Mama and Papa”


Dutch singer Kovacs drops video from her latest album Cheap Smell

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Kovacs presents herself as a high-class performer and songwriter, and songs from her latest album Cheap Smell make it clear that she is a unique artist whose intensity allows her to stand out from the rest.

Never before has Kovacs opened her heart so widely and revealed her soul as on her latest album Cheap Smell. After enjoying chart success throughout Europe with her debut album Shades of Black and its lead single My Love, she has turned inwards towards her own life and past issues on her new album.

Mama & Papa is a track in which Kovacs takes a brutally honest look at herself and deals with the relationship with her father who left the family when she was still a child: “Mama & Papa is one of the most emotional songs I wrote in my life. I didn’t know my father and then I got to know him and I also had a lot of questions to my mom about it. And when I finally found out who he was and what he was about, it was … I don’t know, not a disappointment, but … It’s just a very emotional song and it means a lot to me.”

In Mama & Papa, Kovacs embeds those existential questions in a stunning and exceptionally powerful song, sending shivers down our spines with its pure emotion.

Words: Von Bismarck

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