ASBO Live: Black Eyed Peas


If you were not at the Black Eyed Peas show this weekend when they kicked off their 2018 Master of the Sun tour at London’s Hammersmith Apolllo then you certainly missed out on a heck of a show.

8 years after the release of their 2010 album and the group is back with some new changes and embarking on a new era in their journey. One of the most noteable and significant changes to the group is the absence of group member Fergie who in 2017 left to focus on her own solo endaveours.

Post Fergie’s departure one might have thought that the group was on the shakes however 2018 has marked a new chapter for the trio who have continued on their musical journey.


After the release of their 7th album the group has embarked on a tour that marks their return to the Hammersmith Apollo a venue that they played very early on in their career.

The show itself was an incredible celebration of the that group that was in their hits that they have released over the past decade. As well as a celebration of their chapter with their new material as well as the introduction of their newest member Jessica Reynoso.

Jessica who hails from the Philippines and was discovered when she appeared on The Voice Philippines of which memeber was a coach and had the singer on his team. Following this he introduced her to the other members and like when they discovered Fergie they embraced Jessica as a member of the group.


The show which kicked off with the back to back hits that we have all loved for a long time created such an energy which literally made the group shake. As the group went from songs like Let’s Get It Started, Imma Be/Rock That Body, Pump It, Boom Boom Pow and more the crowd kept going and going.

In terms of the production in the show. The use of technology was very prominent with the stage itself being a pyramid covered in LED lights. The use of smartphones was also taken into the consider with the use of Augmented Reality used by the BEP Tour App that was integrated into the show.


Overall the show was really just a celebration of the group and fans really came out to celebrate the music and the essence of The Black Eyed Peas.

Word: Seneo Mwamba

Images: Isha Shah

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