London Mens SS18 Hot Picks


London Fashion Week Men’s celebrates its fifth anniversary, as well as its success in creating a showcase for homegrown and international talent.

Here are my top 4 Hot Picks for SS18 collection, which will have a huge influence on your style in the months to come. 

Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley

London Based Designer Bobby Abley has partnered with DHX Brands, to produce a 20th Anniversary Teletubbies Collection. These unique ensembles saw models strutting down the catwalk in outrageous purple, green, yellow and red outfits– a tribute to Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. Fusing both daywear and loungewear, this collection also boasted some womenswear pieces in addition to menswear.


KTZ’s latest collection is a fusion of anarchy, combined with post- apocalyptic punk. The collection is rebellious and hard-edged; full of leather, metallic thread, and chainmail. KTZ’s collection featured menswear staples such as, MA-bomber jackets, trench coats, and combat boots.

Harry XU

The lines of masculinity and romanticism are blended together, with Harry WU’s latest collection. Featuring transparent textures alongside bold silhouettes, the gender lines are well and truly blurred. Throughout the collection, embroidery on the dresses and bags exemplified femininity and sophistication. Glossiness and boldness featured in some of the styles in both colour and shape, whilst pastel colours were featured on the dresses and long blazers. The differentiation in materials and colours, is used as a mirroring effect on the acrylic pieces to show that beneath a tough exterior, is an internal softness.

Christopher Raeburn

Deconstruction and reconstruction is the key theme of Christopher Raeburn’s SS18 Collection. By way of utility, rudiments were portrayed through essential outerwear such as, parkas and bomber jackets. Raeburn’s collection fully embraces the spirit of adventure, and the braving of a myriad of weather conditions. The pieces reflect a degree of practicality (forget the term “athleisure”, this was something more genuine and less of a fad), that will beckon your inner trailblazer. A colour scheme of black and grey were matched with puzzle-piece shards of khaki camouflage. The only flash of colour was fluorescent coral, signifying high-visibility safety-wear.

Michiko Koshino

This collection takes inspiration from Koshino’s hometown of Osako, turning baseball uniforms from the 1940’s and 50’s into SS18 wear. Although it’s an archetypal American past time, when viewed from a Japanese lens (where it is, surprisingly, intensely popular), the aesthetics are elevated to cleaner, more minimalist lines and beautiful silhouettes.

By Ash Allibhai
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