Halina North

Edinburough College of Art

Jade McNeish

UCA Epsom

Catryn Rees

Bath Spa University

Lauren Sian Black

Liverpool John Moores University

Chloe Myrants Wilson

Nottingham Trent University

The trends:

1. Long sleeves

On the scene for over a year, the exaggerated long sleeve is still very much a trend, and it seems it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The trend was popular with most designers at this year’s showcase, applying to both male and female collections. I love the trend, but I can understand why some people are getting bored of seeing the shapeless fabric, drooped way past the models fingertips.





2. Gender Norms

The subject of wearing clothes that “belong” to the opposite gender, is still very much an issue, especially with the likes of Jaden Smith breaking those rules every day by wearing a dress to prom, featuring as a model for the Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 womenswear line, and endlessly campaigning to end gender norms within the industry. This year, a range of graduates challenged male clothing by adding lace, ribbons, sequins and frills. The looks were strong and definitely stood out amongst the rest.






3. Street style Sportswear

With brands such as Nike and Adidas, playing a major role in the fashion industry, it's no surprise that sportswear was popular with our graduate designers. Trainers, joggers and hoodies were key to create the laid back, casual looks. Caps and bum bags were also popular accessories, which exuded that sense of street style we are so used to seeing. Again, oversized won over the usual fitted garments seen in previous years.






4. Political Statements

It's no surprise that political statements were made this year, with recent events around the world. Bold colours and strong wording made the collections, not only stand out, but caused viewers to stop and think. Politics and fashion are both very controversial issues, and together they perfectly represent the youth culture of today.








5. Layers

This year, a lot of the designers opted for layered looks, instead of your usual top and bottoms. Mix-matched fabrics were carefully put together, to almost create a new silhouette for the models and all together the overall look was big and baggy. The designs were complex and intricate, and probably not what you'd wear everyday, but they were refreshing and exciting to see.

Written by Yasar Torunoglu