Women Connect Shedding Light on Women in Tech

I think we can all collectively agree that the past few weeks have been rough, to say the least. With all the racial injustice we have once again witnessed in the world. There is an energy that has been very heavy and has been felt very much across the globe. Starting with the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police and countless other deaths that have taken place in similar nature it is safe to say that we are all tierd and are quite literally crying for change.

And while the fight continues and we continue to demand change and take the streets to make sure that our voices are heard. We wanted to acknowledge The Women Connect collective who are shedding a light on women in tech in the form of  a project called WE SEE YOU. The collective has already hosted a number of events that have taken place highlighted women in music, mental health and  period poverty, this online series features a number of women working across tech to connect women, and its aim is to increase their visibility across tech and build opportunities for those wanting to explore the field.

Having already launched a number of profile spotlights in May they have released a new wave of women making it across tech. A few of the women profiled for the series work across various areas of tech including Human Resources professional, founder of the community blackandHR, iOS Developer for a fashion retailer and a Product Manager to name a few.




At a time where it we are looking for black people to be seen and heard in every essence of who they are. It is beautiful to celebrate them and other women and recognised for the work that they are doing.

You can check out the incredible range of women featured in the series at https://www.womenconnect.co/we-see-you. Also you can keep up with Women Connect by visiting their website https://www.womenconnect.co/ and following them @WommenconnectUK on their socials.