Ambrose Frøsaker Lunde


Ambrose Frøsaker Lunde describes his collection is to showcase the essence of a scenographic, melancholic landscape. 


Heavily influenced by his close connection to his home on the Norwegian west coast, its shores, ocean and cold weathers.


This further connected to my first memory and fascination of fashion, which was the way clothing draped down a staircase. Staircases became the inspiration for structured and geometric shapes, further linking to the use of pinstripes.

It became clear to me that he wanted to use natural materials to reflect my affection for the surroundings “I grew up in, in which way the use of elements such as wood, mother of pearl and organic fibres was crucial” says Ambrose whilst talking about his collection. 


As a menswear collection, it became important to use classical tailoring to reference a historical masculine silhouette and yet transform it into a draped feminine essence. With historical and fable referencing.  An approach that Ambrose fully embraces, blending a silhouette of masculinity showcasing an opportunity for something theatrical, feminine, yet fashionable. 

“I will be a supporting voice in the approach of how we perceive genders within fashion, and to bring forward a dramatic style for everyday use.”


Words:  Ash Allibhai 

Image Credits 

Photographer: Bella Ivanova

Model: Corry Cox

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