African Fashion Week London (Preview)


Africa has always been a source of inspiration for creatives, from fields across the globe.  This can be said about African Fashion, which continues to influence designers and stylists everywhere with it’s vibrant colours, exotic prints and eclectic streetstyle.

African Fashion Week London, showcases the very best of African brands from all sides of the continent.  Ahead of the exciting week ahead,  here's a breakdown of some of ASBO's favourite designers that will be showcasing ahead of the event.



Sleek, suave and dapper are a few words that describe Caesar Couture. Known for exquisite tailoring services, and refined design silhouettes of tuxedos; patterned suits, single button suits, double breasted, as well as traditional clothing.



Based in New York, Dario Mohr is Daft Minerva’s creative driving force.

The  Fine Art Collection pulls inspiration from numerous sources, including Aboriginal and Tribal art, sacred geometry, fractals and African Masks. Dario hails from New York and Grenada, and has roots in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.



After graduating from Central St. Martin’s School of Art in the mid-nineties, Samson Soboye left with a degree in Fashion, Communication & Promotion, then rapidly embarked onto a fashion styling career.

2017 sees the launch of the SOBOYE ‘Afrikimono’ collection, a fusion of cultural dress influences from Japan, India, West Africa, and Great Britain.


Founded by Jite Newton, Tobams Colors has been created to provide worldwide identity within African Ankara wax material. The brand created a mixture of high end clothing with traditional African prints, utilising rich colours to create every day, stylish yet affordable pieces.



Tsitsi Fred Knitwear is an emerging knitwear brand founded in 2016, by Zimbabwean born London based textile designer, Tsitsi Fred, who is well known for her signature artisanal knits. Tsitsi grew up with her auntie— the owner of a knitwear studio, and this is where she got her inspiration. Growing up, she knitted alongside the workers, learning simple knit techniques.

Ash Allibhai