Paris Roundup 2017

This year stays firm on the sartorial, with a fresh take on the 70’s high trousers and chic loose lines.

Issey Miyake


Yusuke Takahashi showed off his soft, artfully crumpled, lightly sartorial imaginings, to pull in fashion’s best as they sat in 33-degree capricious heat wishing they could waltz up and down the runway in tunics and ample trousers.

As the show moved forward the pieces were modern, streamlined and relaxed. Painting a visual portrait of an impeccable nonchalant life, that Takahashi so often produces.



The ever rising Kenzo brings much colour and vigour this year, in contrast to many designers focussing on the neutral.

From wide leg power suits, down to textured jumpers and stripes, the show was a whole new look for Kenzo. The French ‘Je ne said quoi’ partnered with the ever-experimental Japanese flavour; Kenzo remains individual yet again.

Thom Browne


Airing the pinstripe suit with a skirt, the masculine with the feminine, Thom Browne brings us the gender-bender vibe this season.

Colours were neutral, not veering far from black and white keeping the palette tranquil and soft, which was needed so as not to deter from the cuts and gender evolution.



Our pick from this French brand brings us soft loose cuts, but keeps the formal look to keep summer trim. The collection is paired down with simplistic ensembles. Slight twists occur with sheer, dark, rich, florals and knits with an unembellished slogan.

Sean Suen


Light mint greens, metallic sea blues, and European styling, refined under an Asian eye. Partner this, with copper and cream and the collection has an intimately summer feel.

Too frequently new talent spends their time consumed with ideas of creativity and newness, which is often resulted by cutting up traditional styles. However, Suen chooses to complement and bring traditional styles forward in a contemporary, but nostalgic style; a new wardrobe staple.

Alex Riches