The Innocence of the Wall - Venice Graduate Show 2017


‘L’Innocenza del Muro’, the innocence of the wall, is the strong title chosen for IUAV University Fashion Show this year. IUAV is one of the most prestigious universities in Italy for architecture, design, visual arts and fashion, based on the island of Venice. In front of the lagoon, the Hilton Stucky Hotel glimmering in the background, the collections of 23 of the best graduate and post-graduate students were presented to the audience, on the 30th June


The art direction of Mario Lupano, Cristina Zamagni and the stage direction of Gina Monaco di Kinkaleri, reflected the concept behind the show – the neat desire of cleaning fashion from the exaggerated, inflated pop-look of high-street commercial fashion, in order to re-establish primordial use of garments. Clothes, as something so close to our bodies and our ways of moving, that they end up being a fundamental part of our bodies’ identity.


The workshop in Fashion Design, that ultimately lead to the collections was taught by Arthur Arbesser, Boboutic/Cristina Zamagni, Michel Bergamo, and Fabio Quaranta, three independent designers that have been creating in the field for more than 20 years.


Marina Dora Martino