The New IT Bag Trend

I’ve been looking for a new bag for two years. Yes, that is a mighty long time to be looking for something, which primarily holds crushed up receipts - but whilst the inside may conceal, the outside of a bag needs to reveal...


We carry a bag with us every day, and with a staple collection of two, maybe three, go-to bags at a time, they have to suit our style, yet be versatile. They have to add to an outfit, but not overpower it; they have to become an extension of ourselves, carry our keys, sit on our shoulders, backs, arms; all of this, and stay forever fashionable.

With such an extensive list of expectations, every season there is only one bag that appears to fulfill the requirements, the IT bag.

Since the handbag’s inception, spawned through the emancipation of women in the early 20th century, there have been a number of iconic IT bags. From the classic Hermes, Kelly, to the Mulberry, Alexa, or the more recent Chanel, Boy, and Chloe, Faye bag. While these bags ooze quality, they often cost over a month’s wages, making them difficult to obtain. The Row’s alligator backpack reached a huge $34,000, and the Hermes Birkin regularly sells for upwards of $40,000, for many these hefty price tags make these bags even more desirable.

High fashion isn’t the only realm succumbing to the notion of commodity fetishism though, it’s biggest victim, streetwear, is big on the bag hype, and 2017 has seen its biggest surge to date.

Streetwear’s refusal to condone homogeny, skilled in the fine art of sticking a spanner in the fashion works at just the right time, has led to the rebirth of the bum bag. While the catwalks were seeing tight leather, crook of the arm, type totes and clutches, the everyday man steps in with a strap it and go vibe. What’s most alluring is that the bum bag has never been a gendered accessory, paving the way for men to feel welcome to join the chronicles of check-out bag rummaging.

While the bum bag is having his day, the IT bag concept has spanned wider than one shape within street-style. Small cross-body bags and the backpack further amplify audience’s desire for convenience.

Practicality prevails with the rise of street wear IT bags, as the cost is dramatically lower than that of its luxury counterparts. Head to sports direct for a nifty Nike, or raid the kitchen cupboards to fashion one out of your IKEA hold-all. There is every shape and style imaginable, even luxury brands have bought into the intrinsical sportswear style, with Chanel's ‘belt purse’ and gucci’s ‘GG Marmont Metals Leather Belt Bag’, but it’s probably going to be a few years before I buy Off-White’s mirrored leather belt bag.



Written by Emma Roberts @emrobrts


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