J.W Anderson Heattech Striped School Scarf

The newly hyped collection from J.W.Anderson and Uniqlo, is a collaboration for Autumn/Winter 2017. It represents British design meeting Japanese style and diversity. The collection, which dropped on September 19th, includes a range of pieces for both men and woman, including accessories. From popularity, the J.W Anderson Heattech striped school scarf has proven much interest following on from the football scarf. The oversized scarves are proving to be a staple in every wardrobe this Winter, with big brands such as Adidas jumping on the hype after releasing the now sold-out Gosha Rubchinskiy X Adidas Scarf. Keeping with tradition, bright colours are also being incorporated into the newly dropped scarves, with Kenzo as another example releasing a bright blue ‘team scarf’.

But, where has this trend come from? In September, the first mainstream appearance of the new accessory was showcased at Russian Fashion week, with many individuals wearing a range of football scarfs. But don’t be fooled... This trend originated from the subculture of the ‘casuals’ dating back to the 1980’s. The subculture is a subsection of association of football culture that is typified by sports brand donning, with the style having a ‘smart/casual’ appearance.


Fashion is a cyclical industry, however, this modern twist is making brands re-incorporate and update traditional styling. The use of contrasting colours and bold letter prints, for many, is nostalgic, demonstrating a sense of nationalism and pride for a particular country or something in which an individual might support or identify as. For myself, it takes me back to away games wearing such an iconic piece of clothing that represented pride; showing support for your home town team. However, this updated style has more of a kick, featuring political messages referring to the strong political views held by the younger generation and their willingness to publicize and express this.


With such interest from latest collaborations and brands realising such pieces, it's definitely an upcoming trend to watch out for and could be the movement of Winter 2017.

Written by Abbie @abbie.weight


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